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Aficionados Speaker Series

Originating in 1984, The Hulbert Center Aficionados program is driven by a public interest in the American Southwest. The Aficionados welcome all who are eager to gain knowledge of the people, land, environment, arts, and anthropology that enrich this region. During each block at Colorado College, the Aficionados host a luncheon that includes a lecture by a speaker with expertise in an issue pertaining to the Southwest. While certainly not required, several Aficionados attendees are among the regular donors to Hulbert Center programs. All donations are tax exempt.

To make a reservation for any of the luncheons below, you can send an email or register here. Reservations are required the Friday before each luncheon.

Noon, Gaylord Hall, main floor of Worner Campus Center, 902 N. Cascade Ave

For more information, call 719-389-6334.

2016-2017 SCHEDULE

Block 1: Wednesday, September 7th at noon

“Facing West: The Life and Work of Frank Waters”

Speaker: John Nizalowski

Block 2: Wednesday, October 5th at noon

“The Sacred, the Secret, and the Ethics of Historical Interpretation: What I Learned from the Santos of New Mexico”

Speaker: Claire Farago

Block 3: Wednesday, November 2nd at noon

“The Salton Sea – Introducing Students to the Liberal Arts through a Place-Based Study”

Speaker: Emilie Gray

Block 4: Wednesday, December 7th at noon

“Maintaining a Cultural Continuum through Poetry”

Speaker: Max Early

Block 5: Wednesday, February 1st at noon

"Race, Sport, Activism and the Complicated Politics of Integration in 1960s Texas

Speaker:  Jamal Ratchford

Block 6: Wednesday, March 1st at noon

"Forgotten Farmworkers: Remembering the Starr County Huelga (Strike)” 

Speaker: Santiago Guerra

Block 7: Thursday, April 6th at noon

"WES Lecture" Information under separate page: Note date change

Speaker: Andrea Herrera

Block 8: Wednesday, May 3rd at noon

“Range Wars: The Environmental Contest for White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, 1945-Present”

Speaker: Ryan Edgington