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    Aficionados Speaker Series

    Originating in 1984, The Hulbert Center Aficionados program is driven by a public interest in the American Southwest. The Aficionados welcome all who are eager to gain knowledge of the people, land, environment, arts, and anthropology that enrich this region. During each block at Colorado College, the Aficionados host a luncheon that includes a lecture by a speaker with expertise in an issue pertaining to the Southwest. While certainly not required, several Aficionados attendees are among the regular donors to Hulbert Center programs. All donations are tax exempt. 

    Reservations are required the Friday before each luncheon. To register for any of the lunch lectures, click on the corresponding link.

    Noon, Gaylord Hall, main floor of Worner Campus Center, 902 N. Cascade Ave

    *Admission: $5 registration fee*  No Cost to CC Gold Card Holders

    Space is limited to 100 registrants

    2019-2020 SCHEDULE

    Block 1: Wednesday, September 4th at noon

    Who Stole the Planet? Colonization, Capital, Enslavement

    Speaker: Priscilla Solis-Ybarra

    Block 2: Wednesday, October 2nd at noon

    A History of Violence and the Violence of History: Thinking Historically about the United States' “Indian Wars” 

    Speaker: Karl Jacoby

    Block 3: Tuesday, October 29th at noon

    Far As She Seems

    Speaker: Anna Tsouhlarakis

    Block 4: Wednesday, December 4th at noon

    From Hand-made to Machine-made: The Mechanization and Marketing of Navajo and Pueblo Silver Jewelry, 1900 to 1940

    Speaker: Jonathan Batkin

    Location: South Hall Commons (130 E. Cache La Poudre St.)

    Block 5: Wednesday, January 29th at noon

    A Poetic and Narrative Cruise through the Manito Homeland

    Speaker: Levi Romero

    Block 6: Wednesday, February 26th at noon

    The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez: A Border Story

    Speaker: Aaron Bobrow-Strain

    Block 7: Wednesday, April 1st at noon

    Women In The West Lecture

    The Movement for Reproductive Justice: Empowering Women of Color through Social Activism

    Speaker: Pat Zavella, Professor Emerita

    Block 8: