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    Major & Minor Requirements

    Applicable for the 2020-2021 academic year.

    A major in Southwest studies examines the region of the greater Southwest through a variety of lenses, encouraging students to see the complexity that diverse peoples have created in specific places. This blend of peoples and histories living in a distinctive landscape provides a model for study applicable to any region. Using the tools of traditional disciplines in combination with interdisciplinary perspectives, students will learn to observe and analyze places, peoples, and policies, and to use these skills to solve real problems.

    Director and Major Advisors:  Perramond (Southwest Studies and Environmental Program), Guerra (Southwest Studies), and Roybal (Southwest Studies).

    Faculty Advisors: Arroyo-Rodriguez (Spanish), Goldberg (English), Heschel (Organismal Biology & Ecology),  Hilt (Physics), Kedhar (Theatre & Dance), Leonard (Geology), Levine (Music), Leza (Anthropology), Linkhart (Organismal Biology & Ecology), Monroy (History), Montaño (Anthropology), Pina (History), Popkin (Sociology), Premawardhana (Religion), Pulley (English), McKay (Race Ethnicity and Migration Studies), Roybal (Southwest Studies), Tucker (Art).


    Effective August 2020

    The Southwest Studies major requires a minimum of 10 units and a maximum of 12 if Spanish courses or SW indigenous language (101, 2 units) are to be taken (and students have not tested out of it). In addition to the general college requirements, a major in Southwest studies must now complete:

    • One (1) intro foundations course: SW102 (Place, Space, and the Southwest) or CC100 NEW VERSION if taken.
    • Two (2) required foundational courses: SW272 Cultural Landscapes of the Southwest, and SW273 Art, Power, and Resistance in the Southwest (2 units).
    • One (1) methods classes for the major capstone (linked to senior plans, in consultation with the advisor, 1 unit)
    • 100-level Spanish*, can be tested out (but we still encourage an additional year of Spanish) – 0-2 units depending on testing level. *Native regional language can substitute for two units.
    • Three (3) electives in Southwest Studies (3 units)
    • Three (3) units that prepare students for their senior capstone, including SW395 Junior Research Seminar (1) and SW400-401 (2 units of capstone experience)**. The **2 units of senior capstone can be negotiated if a double major is declared. One additional SW elective if SW401 not taken.


    • A Southwest Studies minor requires five (5) units. No language requirement applies to the minor apart from the college one year minimum (but we encourage Spanish or a SW indigenous language substitute where appropriate).

      • CC100 (SW) OR SW102 – 1 unit
      • SW272  or  SW273  (1 unit1), take one of the two
      • Two (2) units of electives from Approved List of Courses (200-300 level courses)
      • SW395 Junior Research Seminar as a capstone experience

      Chicanx-Latinx Studies minor

      The Southwest Studies Program has a new Chicanx-Latinx Studies minor effective August 2020. This new minor includes five (5) units. No language requirement apart from the college one year minimum (but we encourage Spanish/Native language from the region where appropriate). The minor consists of:

      Chicanx/Latinx Studies minor

      1 Southwest Studies approved CC100 (or SW102)

      3 electives (thematically tied to Chicanx/Latinx foci) from approved list

      1 SW395 as a ‘finishing capstone’ component