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Major & Minor Requirements

Applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year.


The Southwest studies major requires a minimum of 11 units and a maximum of 15 if all Spanish courses (101-201, 4 units) have to be taken and students have not tested out of it. We now have the staffing to integrate SW273 back into the major, and to reflect the new opportunities for our majors and minors to take advantage of the Fine Arts Center integration with Colorado College. We are keeping the two methods courses for capstone preparation and lowering the number of electives from 5 to 4.

In addition to the general college requirements, a major in Southwest studies must now complete:

  • Two required foundational courses: SW272 Nature, Region and Society of the Southwest, and SW273 Arts and Culture of the Southwest (2 units).

  • Two methods classes for the major capstone (linked to senior plans, in consultation with the advisor, 2 units)

  • 200-level Spanish, can be tested out (but we still encourage an additional year of Spanish) – 0-4 units depending on testing level

  • Four electives in Southwest Studies

  • Three units that prepare students for their senior capstone, including SW395 Junior Research Seminar (1) and SW400-401 (2 units of capstone experience).



A minor in Southwest studies requires a minimum of five or a maximum of eight units, including:

  • FYE/SW175 OR SW272 or SW102  (1- 2 units)
  • Language requirement: Spanish 101 (can test out) - (0-2 units)
  • Four units of electives from Approved List of Courses (4 units)