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Welcome! The goal of Southwest Studies is to turn out a graduate who has developed such habits of the mind as the ability to analyze, apply writing, communication and research skills across the disciplines as well as to listen deeply and engage effectively in cross cultural communication. The outcome is a global citizen willing and able to continue learning and contribute to a changing and uncertain world. Please use the menu on the left to find out more about academics in the Southwest Studies program. We look forward to seeing you in our office soon!

What are students saying about the Southwest Studies Program?

Southwest studies was the last thing I imagined pursuing when I came to CC, but I was quickly drawn to the uniqueness of the program and the diversity of faculty and courses. My professors asked me to think hard about my academic interests and challenged me to articulate my own course of study, incorporating perspectives from disciplines across the college. While my work often returned to the places, histories, and cultures particular to the American Southwest, the questions and topics I explored have no geographic boundaries. I left CC with a belief in the power of critical research and an enduring curiosity for the communities around me, wherever I may be. 

-  Andrew Wallace

I took Santiago Guerra's course on the Drug War, and it was one of the most engaging courses I have taken at CC. I enjoyed it because of how we looked at so many dimensions of the drug war in both the United States and Central/South America. Santiago's profound depth of knowledge in this area made the class incredibly fascinating and enlightening. I was able to shed many of my preconceived notions on issues revolving around the drug war and develop beliefs that were well grounded. The professor’s openness and interest in student’s perceptions also allowed for a great classroom dynamic. Additionally, being able to conduct mature and open discussions about the current policies on drugs in the United States and worldwide demonstrated to me how great of a community I am part of here at CC. I would recommend this course to anyone because there are so many different ways to grow it.

 -  Molly Lynch