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Vanessa Muñoz

Vanessa Muñoz

Assistant Professor

Vanessa’s main areas of research are the sociology of health and illness, families, and gender. She is particularly interested in understanding how families make health decisions and navigate institutions for their health needs. Her work focuses particularly on parenting and the transmission of resources to children via healthcare and schooling.  She is currently conducting a study on the management of children’s life threatening food allergies.

Fields: Qualitative research methods, medical sociology, sociology of gender, sociology of families, and education.


Muñoz, Vanessa Lopes. forthcoming. ‘Everybody Has to Think – Do I Have Any Peanuts and Nuts in My Lunch?’ School Nurses, Collective Adherence, and Children’s Food Allergies. Sociology of Health and Illness.

Muñoz, Vanessa Lopes. forthcoming. Review of Testing Fate: Tay-Sachs Disease and the Right to Be Responsible by Shelley Z. Reuter, University of Minnesota Press, 2016. Social Forces.

Lareau, Annette and Vanessa Lopes Muñoz. 2017. “Conflict in Public Sociology”. The Sociological Quarterly 58(1): 19-23.

Lareau, Annette and Vanessa Lopes Muñoz. 2012. “‘You’re Not Going to Call the Shots’: Structural Conflicts Between the Principal and the PTO at a Suburban Public Elementary School.” Sociology of Education 85(3): 201-218.

Conrad, Peter and Vanessa Lopes Muñoz. 2010. “Notes on the Medicalization of Chronic Pain.”Journal for Research in Disease and Society / Tidsskrift for Forskning i Sygdom og Samfund 13:13-24.

Regular Classes

SO112 -- Gender Inequality

SO235 -- Sociology of Family

SO290 -- Advanced Topics in Sociology: Sociology of the Body & Health

SO302 -- Qualitative Research Methods

SO322 -- Symbolic Interactionism


    B.A., Emory University

    M.A., University of Maryland - College Park

    Ph.D., Brandeis University