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Sandra Wong

Dean of College/Faculty

Research and Teaching Interests

My primary areas of interests are the sociology of education, race and ethnicity, and self and society. I teach courses on racial inequality, schools and social change, the sociology of emotions and research methods. My scholarly work involves two areas. One project examines how racial identities and experiences shape attitudes, beliefs, and social relations, and how racial and ethnic diversity is experienced in educational and other institutional settings. A second project explores how individuals draw from social and cultural meanings to define, interpret, and manage emotions connected to unpredictable, disruptive, or life-changing events. This research focuses on the ways in which experiences of loss and recovery differ according to social and philosophical positions, economic and political resources, and ties to particular groups and communities.

Regular Classes

Recent Syllabi

SO113 -- Racial Inequality


    B.A., Sociology and English, Rice University
    M.A., Sociology, Yale University
    Ph.D., Sociology, Yale University