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GIS Video Tutorials

Getting started with GIS at CC

1. Introduction to GIS tutorial series (2:23)

2. Connecting to folder (1:44)

Selecting the features (e.g., counties, tracts, etc.) desired for your data set 

3. Selecting data (ie., cases) (10:25) (you may want to watch #4 first)

4. Selecting features based on location (3:58)  Updated!

Adding Census (or other) data to your features 

5. Downloading and cleaning Census data using Social Explorer and joining to shapefile (preferred method).

6. Downloading and cleaning Census data using American Factfinder (9:46) (a little outdated)

7. Joining Census data to a shapefile (4:26)   Updated!

8. Joining data by name, rather than FIPS code (4:22)

Adding X-Y (lat/long) data to your GIS 

9. Displaying X-Y data; geocoding addresses (1:56) Updated!

10. Displaying X-Y data; working with coordinates (11:38)

Inserting data directly into your data set

11. Inserting data directly into the attribute table (4:22)

12. Distinguishing cases in GIS (e.g., creating dummy variables based on selections) (4:01)

Visual analysis through formatting

13. Clipping roads (1:24)  Updated!

14. Overlaying two shapefiles; using dot density (2:48)

15. Quick and easy formatting in GIS; exporting elements to Publisher (13:09)

16. Formatting map (completely in GIS; just a bit outdated) (14:11)

Some Stata commands

17. Stata commands (10:56)