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Lisa Ruth

Academic Administrative Assistant

Palmer Hall #131E
(719) 389-6820

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Mark Scaggs


Palmer Hall, #129
(719) 389-7221

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Kathy Giuffre

Professor, Dir FM Studies

Fields: Sociology of art and culture, network analysis, sociological theory, urban and community sociology, and Polynesian society.

Palmer Hall #130G
(719) 389-6645

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Lauren Hannscott

Fields: Urban sociology, demography, inequality, education, quantitative methods.

Palmer Hall
(719) 389-6643

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Vanessa Muñoz

Assistant Professor

Fields: Qualitative research methods, medical sociology, sociology of gender, sociology of families, and education.

Palmer Hall #131D
(719) 389-6735

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Gail Murphy-Geiss


Fields: Religion, gender, family, law, research methods.

Palmer Hall #131C
(719) 389-6868

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Eric Popkin

Associate Professor, Chair

Fields: International development, globalization, international migration (particularly Latino migration), Latin-American studies, urban sociology, Central American transnational migration.

Palmer Hall #130H
(719) 389-6642

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Wade Roberts

Assoc. Professor, Assoc. Chair

Fields: Social determinants of health, spatial analysis, social policy, quantitative research methods.

Palmer Hall #130E
(719) 227-8220

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Emily Schneider

Fields: Transnational studies, tourism, Israel/Palestine, diaspora, social movements, qualitative methods, nationalism, and identity.

Palmer Hall #131B
(719) 389-6674

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Sandi Wong

Dean of the Faculty

Fields: The sociology of education, race and ethnicity, and self and society.

Palmer #130F
(719) 389-6237

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Emeritus Faculty 

Jeff Livesay

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