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Department Colloquia

2015-2016 Colloquia

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 12:15 p.m. in Palmer 122

"Then Send Me To Someone Who Can": Patient-Consumer as Middle Class Customization and Working Class Recognition

Professor Vanessa Munoz will present early findings about social class differences in patient-consumerism, practices that challenge medical authority either by looking outside of one's doctor for medical treatements or questioing their recommendations.  Her data include interviews and observations with parents of children with severe food allergies, eczema, and asthma.  She will discuss ongoing research in this area nd methodoligical questions about class comparisons in qualitative research. 

Research Methods Colloquium

Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 12:15 in Palmer 123

Jane Finocharo '16: Graduation Gap: Association of Race with On-Time Graduation
Celia Palmer '16: Slovakia's Political Climate and the LGBTQ Movement
Lindsay Shin '16: Hearts and Boobs: Gender Sterotypes Within Different Degrees of Sexualized Restaurants
Emiko Smukler '17: Experiences of Chinese International Students at an Elite Liberal Arts College

The Sociological Imagination Luncheon Series, 2014-2015

This year, the Sociology Department and Student Advisory Board are excited to continue putting on our blockly event: The Sociological Imagination Luncheon Series! This event serves as an opportunity for sociology students to gather together over lunch and discuss a current event from a sociological perspective. Each block will tackle a different current event or social issue, and feature a guest speaker to educate participants on the topic at hand, spark discussion, and facilitate discourse.

The Sociological Imagination Luncheon Series takes place on the Second Wednesday of the Block at 12:00 p.m. in the Sociology Seminar Room.


Past Sociology Colloquia

2008-2009 Colloquia

"Sociology Away," Genai Odhner, Emily Schneider, and Ashley Young.

"The Big Island: Tourism versus Reality and the Resulting Conflicts, Action, and Change," SO290

"Don't Fence Me In: Beef Production, Biopolitics, and the Sociology of Indifference," Professor Mark Jones.

"Brazil: Sociological Explorations of Affirmative Action and Candomblé," Abby Block and Astrid Martin Baldera.

"How I'm Secretly Writing a Senior Thesis in My Spare Time," or, The Social Networks of Isolated Geniuses," Professor Kathy Giuffre.

2007-2008 Colloquia

Wade Roberts on "The Academic Applications of GIS"

Mike Reay on "The World of Warcraft and the Shape of Social Things to Come"

Megan Berry and Sean Anderson-Branowitzer on their overseas O'Connor projects.

Kathy Giuffre's Polynesian Society class on their trip to the Cook Islands.

Kathleen Tierney (CU-Boulder) on disaster management and response.