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Alumni News

CC Sociology Alumni around the World!

From teaching English in Bulgaria to working as sex educators; traveling the world as freelance photographers to starting nonprofits; pursing law school to engaging in food justice, CC Sociology Alumni are doing great things all over the world! Check out this selection of featured alumni!


2014 Alumni

Stephanie Olivas -- Currently the Sociology Department Paraprofessional

2013 Alumni

Zachary Tams - Currently working at Visions, an adolescent drug addiction and mental health rehabilitation clinic in Malibu, California. Visions' treatment revolves around a 12-step program, as well as off-campus anonymous meetings, catered toward patients' specific needs. Snapper is also preparing to take the LSAT (October 5th), and coaching football at his high school

Ashley Speyer -- Moved to New York in August 2013 and is now working at the Council on Foreign Relations. She is an Interdepartmental Program Assistant and is currently assisting a Fellow on Latin American studies and US-Cuba foreign policy. Ashley is also currently working on a project aimed to increase dialogue between Cuba and the U.S. related to mitigating risks associated with oil exploration off the coast of Cuba

Nikki Kauffman -- Worked as a summer PIFP fellow at Rocky Mountain PBS in Colorado Springs. Currently working as a a studios fellow at Fenton Communications, a " social change communications agency that uses the power of stories, media and technology to make the world a better place" in NYC, where she works with film and new media. Nikki is excited to be combining her passion for film and love of sociology to engage in meaningful work: “as a film minor and sociology major this is truly the most amazing opportunity to use my combined degree!”

Lauren Schneider -- Currently working in Colorado Springs as a "math achievement assistant" at an urban downtown charter school called Pikes Peak Prep

2012 Alumni

Melissa Tran -- Finishing her second year teaching 8th grade math with Teach For America in Oklahoma City, where she serves as the grade level chair for the math department.

Toni Pizza -- Toni received her Masters of Fine Arts in Game Design from the New York University Game Center this past May. In addition to playing games, she is currently an adjunct instructor at NYU. Follow her work at

2011 Alumni

Britt Landis -- Living in Bogotá, Colombia, where she teaches business English and private English classes to Colombian professionals. She is also volunteering with an NGO called Proyectar Sin Fronteras (PSF), which does community-development work in the neighborhood of San Cristobal, Bogotá. PSF helps to reduce economic vulnerability in San Cristobal by working with community leaders to provide skills development classes, support micro-enterprises, nurture urban gardens and foster community solidarity and pride. Britt is helping support their efforts to further develop their external communication efforts. Finally, Britt is auditing a Sociology seminar at La Universidad Nacional de Colombia, called "La Sociología de Religion, Poder y Sociedad."

Josh Raab -- After graduating from Colorado College in 2011, Josh attended the Documentary and Photojournalism Program at the International Center of Photography. He has since been covering social issues as a freelance photographer for People Magazine, The New Yorker, Focus, and others. Josh is currently living in Boston running a company that he started that does Panoramic Walkthroughs for local businesses  

Nicholas Hawks -- Nick Hawks is currently living in Washington, DC, where he is currently in his second year of law school at Georgetown University. He is currently working as a Judicial Intern at the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals. Nick has also committed to work as a Summer Associate with Allen & Overy, LLP in New York for the summer of 2014 

Alyssa Aldaz -- Currently living in Los Angeles and working at a creative advertising company called Fishbowl as a film trailer editor

Gioia Garden -- Currently living in Denver and working as a strategist for a small consulting firm in Boulder called Now What that specializes in Market Research and Brand Strategy

2010 Alumni

Michael Freeman -- Will be pursuing a Masters in Public Health at the University of Washington, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Anais Gude -- Received a Fulbright Award to spend the 2013-2014 academic year as an English Teaching Assistant in Sala, a small town east of Bratislava in the Slovak Republic.  Her interest in the Slovak Republic first stemmed from reading about a controversial bill that proposed all schools in Slovakia begin each day with the national anthem. “For a country with a history of re-establishing and maintaining its national identity while defining its independent culture, this issue caught my attention,” she said. “As Slovakia expands its intellectual and economic borders beyond itself and Europe, the acquisition of English will become increasingly important among the Slovak youth.”

Sophia Maravell -- Sophia co-founded an agricultural educational nonprofit called Brickyard Educational Farm. The mission of Brickyard Educational Farm is to connect students with where their food comes from through on farm field trips, and to help train the next generation of sustainable farmers through a farm incubator program.

2009 Alumni

Alexa Dougherty -- Currently pursuing degrees in Nursing at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tabitha Hrynick -- Teaching English in South Korea.

Kelsey Pullar -- Living in Madrid while she works on her TEFL certification.

Hunter Swain -- Hunter graduated from the University of Colorado Law School in May 2013. He took the bar exam in July and recently joined the law firm Outten & Golden LLP in New York City.

Becca Cohen -- Mental Health Counselor at a residential treatment center for at-risk teens.

Brittany Linton -- Pursuing a PhD in counseling psychology at the University of Texas-Austin.

Ashley Young -- Educational Interpretive Keeper at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.

Sophie Kauffman -- Currently works for the Washington State Farmers Market Association and is Masters in Nutrition. Currently, Sophie is finishing her prerequisites and is hoping to attend the MS Nutrition program at the University of Washington in fall of 2014.

JJ Osterweil -- Personnel Director for Gold Arrove Camp in Sierra Nevada.

Krystle Richman -- Teach for America in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

Lauren Hughes -- Pursuing a PhD in Sociology at Penn State.

Duncan Forbes -- Program Manager at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Sarah Diefendorf -- Pursuing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Washington. Sarah recently made a splash in the news with her research during the recent American Sociological Meeting in San Francisco. This research started as her thesis at CC and was developed further for her Master's paper at the University of Washington. Links mentioning her work:

2008 Alumni

Jessica Gingold -- Jessica attended a one-year Masters in Education program at Harvard, where she focused on youth development and youth civic engagement. Jessica spent her most recent summer doing independent consulting work for the National Action Civics Collaborative. More recently, Jessica has just begun law school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she hopes to continue to work to make the systems that impact the lives of young people more accessible and equitable. Her goal is to accomplish as much as possible with young people by her side as authentic leaders in the movement.

Amy Reedy -- Currently pursuing her Masters at USC's School of Cinematic Arts in Film and Television Production.

Katelyn Bayne -- Pursuing a Masters in Social Work at to the University of Cincinnati with a focus on Families and Children

Justin Behravesh -- Working as the coordinator for the Eagle County Programs of SOS Outreach, a nonprofit organization in Beaver Creek, CO

Megan Berry -- Working as a technician in the emergency department of Memorial Hospital North; plans to go to nursing school

Eryka Charley -- Pursuing a Masters degree in Higher Education at the University of Denver with an emphasis on student development. She also has an assistantship as a Community Advisor with the Housing and Residential Education Department.

Jocelyn Corbett -- Public Policy Fellowship with Coro in San Francisco

Jason Flegel -- Working in San Francisco as a paralegal for the firm O'Melveny and Myers while he prepares for law school

Drew Foster -- Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research in Japan on institutional identity amongst Japanese universities at Hiroshima University's Research Institute for Higher Education. Will be pursuing his PhD in Sociology at the University of Michigan.

Elsa Frey -- Pursuing a Masters degree in International Affairs at The New School in New York City

Alice Gallmeyer -- Currently serves as Program Coordinator in refugee resettlement at Lutheran Social Services (LSSM) of Michigan in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. LSSM welcomes refugees from all over the world (Burma, Congo, Somalia, Bhutan, Sudan, and many other countries), and provides assistance during the first few difficult months in the USA

Mitra Heffron -- Heading to Paraguay to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer, teaching beekeeping and facilitating sustainable agricultural practices

Jessie Pocock -- Since graduation, Jessie has served as the southern Colorado organizer for One Colorado and has engaged in grassroots organizing for many of policy changes that were implemented last legislative session including specifically the Civil Unions Act. She is also in the process of completing her MPA at UCCS and is the development and events director for UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art

Allyson Proske -- Working for a small production winery (Elizabeth Spencer Wines) in Napa Valley; plans to attain a degree in wine-making

Joanna Sylwester -- Volunteered with the Peace Corps in Guatemala and working as Municipality Coordinator with the program, Healthy Schools. She will be attending law school at the University of Washington

Anna Wool -- Will be attending law school at the University of Colorado-Boulder

Maya Zarchan -- Working as an account executive at S&S Public Relations in Colorado Springs

2007 Alumni

Alexandra (Ali) Springer-- After graduating from Colorado College in 2007, Ali earned master's in higher education and college student development at University of Denver. Ali returned to work at CC in the admission office, where she currently serves as Assistant Director of Admission.

Christy Lynn -- Currently living in her hometown of Middlebury, Vermont, where she works with her two sisters and father in their family newspaper business. As the associate publisher at the paper, Christy’s job is to help the business respond to the community's demands about how they want to interact with their news. Being from a small community, Christy feels lucky to be a pillar for community news.

Marian Pierce -- Lives in Paonia, Colorado, a vibrant rural town on the Western Slope that has a “great sociological fodder” with the highest concentration of organic farmers in Colorado and a large local mining population. Marian lives off the grid and is head of the Social Studies department at an alternative public school. Her students come from a diversity of backgrounds--religious, political, or underserved. Marian teaches a Global Social Geography class and blogs about rural living

Portia Abernathy -- Currently living in Boston, working as the Manager of Special Needs Programming at the Boston Ballet. Portia primarily oversees the Adaptive Dance program that provides dance instruction to children and young adults (ages 2-26) with Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mary White -- Living in Northern Wyoming ranching on a cow-calf operation.   

Priscilla Bonnell -- Pursuing PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley

Katherine Coverdale -- Pursuing a Master of Arts in Elementary Teaching at CC and interning in a fourth grade classroom

Kathleen Denny -- Pursuing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park

Laura Knaier-- Pursuing an MSc in Business Administration at Oxford Brookes in the UK

Ana Lara Roca -- Pursuing an MA in multicultural counseling psychology at CU-Denver; tutoring through the Bridge Project; volunteering with Jefferson County Young Democrats; working at Bd's Mongolian Grill

Sibella MacKenzie -- Headed to Johns Hopkins to pursue an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Isabel Nicholson -- Living in Denver with three fellow CC grads and working at Bell Policy Center as a CC Public Interest Fellow

Julie Perfors -- Paraprofessional in the Crown Faculty Teaching and Learning Center at Colorado College

Michael Shum -- Working for the Colorado College Admissions Office

Caroline Souter -- Pursuing a Master of Arts in Elementary Teaching at CC and interning in a fourth grade classroom in District 11, Colorado Springs

Kati Standefer -- Living in Jackson, WY and working as writer-in-residence for the 8th grade; serving as adult ski instructor and child climbing instructor; writing grants and designing programs for a The Murie Center in Moose, WY. Recently published in Camas and applying for graduate school in Creative Writing

Jamie Villarreal -- Working with the Denver Housing Authority as a Resident and Community Services Coordinator for at-risk youth

2006 Alumni

Shanna Katz -- Completed a Masters in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University; currently working as a sexuality educator, consultant, writer, and blogger in alternative sexuality education. More recently, Shanna began a Ph.D. program at the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, where she is specializing in sexuality of marginalized communities (especially the LGBTQ community and people with disabilities), its intersection with power, privilege and oppression

Victoria Murray -- Earned her Master's in Social Work from Bryn Mawr College in 2011. Currently, Victoria lives in Boston and works as a therapist, working primarily with children, teenagers and young adults around issues of anxiety, trauma, loss and grief

Dorothy Bayless -- Pursuing a Masters in Social Work at the University of Denver; working as a Family Preservation Therapist

Kate Chadwick -- Administrative Associate, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University

Michael Anthony Fowler -- Recently received his M.T.S. in religions of the world and is now pursuing a M.A. in Classical Archaeology and serving as a Teaching Assistant at Tufts University; Research Assistant at Harvard University and Providence College. He will begin the PhD program in Art History and Ancient Architecture at Columbia University.

Caitlin Frates -- Assistant Language Teacher for JET

Crestina Martinez -- County Commissioner, Costilla County, CO

Angela Mendiola -- Colorado College Public Interest Fellow, Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust

Liza Murray - Pursuing M.D. at the University of Arkansas College of Medicine

Katy Stypula -- Trip leader in the summer for AAVE (All About Visiting Earth); ski instructor and children's ski school supervisor in the winter at Eldora Mountain Resort

Bernardo Vasconcellos -- Pursing a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins in International Development/International Relations

2005 Alumni

Jaime Kucinskas -- Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology with a minor in Social Science Research Methods from Indiana University in Bloomington. Her dissertation is entitled “Re-envisioning American Institution al Cultures from the Inside Out: A Comparative Analysis of the Emergence of Contemplative Practices and Philosophies in Science, Education, and Business”

Lacey Ramirez -- Lacey joined the Peace Corps as a health volunteer in Morocco. She then pursued a Masters in Economics and Policy Analysis at Columbia University. Lacey now specializes in program impact and evaluation, and currently works for the World Bank in Kisumu, Kenya evaluating HIV/AIDS education interventions and whether they influence youth and their sexual risk taking behaviors.  

Chelsea Baptiste -- Pursuing a Masters of Science in Education at the Bank Street College of Education, NYC

Corinne Bianca -- English Teacher at the Prabhassorn Bidhaya School, Thailand

Keeley Emerson -- Pursuing a doctorate degree in physical therapy at Regis University in Denver

Kate Howe -- Mission Coordinator for Operation Smile, Guadalajara, Mexico

Cassie Landwehr -- TEFL Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria, teaching students from 1st-8th grade

Devon Little -- Program Coordinator & Facilitator at the Power of Hope (Youth Empowerment through the Arts), Seattle

Stevie Kremer -- Working in Group Sales at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Carla Medalia -- Pursing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania

Amber Stenson -- Education Specialist/Americorps VISTA at Centennial BOCES, Greeley, CO

2004 Alumni

Matt Bahl -- Matt graduated from CC in 2004.  He currently works as a labor relations attorney for General Dynamics - Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. GDBIW is a defense contractor that builds surface combatants for the US Navy.  Prior to joining GDBIW, he was a practicing lawyer in Indianapolis and then Portland, Maine where he focused on labor and employment law. 

Christine Benner -- Currently a Ph.D. student in infectious disease epidemiology with a focus on neglected tropical diseases and social determinants of disease transmission. 

Brennan Galloway -- Earned his masters from the University of Tennessee in gender issues in sport. He is now the Game Operations Manager for the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA where he produces and directs all in-game entertainment, including the national anthem, dance teams, mascot, and halftime acts.

Lindsay Simmons -- Earned her Masters in Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, after which she moved to Phoenix and began working at the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence as a lobbyist.  She then worked for the Department of Defense on an Air Force Base in Germany, returned to the Coalition to coordinate their policy/lobbying work, and served as the organization's first Development and Communications Manager. Currently, Lindsay is the Senior Caseworker to Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, who serves Arizona's new Ninth Congressional District.

Curnita Brigsby -- Security Forces Apprentice for the United States Air Force

Walter De Gunya -- Third grade teacher at Truman Elementary

Collin Hu -- Operations Coordinator for a youth outreach program at UC Santa Cruz

Crestina Martinez -- Administration Assistant/Best and Brightest Intern at the Costilla Board of Country Commissioners while pursuing a Masters Degree in Political Science at the University of Colorado at Denver

Grace Person -- Studying Environmental Law at Vermont Law School

Betsy Van Deusen -- Pursuing a Masters in Public Service at Marquette University