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Major/Minor Requirements

Applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year.


To fulfill the program major, students must complete a total of 12 units:

  • Four units in a relevant language and two units in literature;
  • Three units in related courses in the Social Sciences division (at least one of these courses must be in the area history);
  • Two units in related courses in any division;
  • All majors are strongly encouraged to take relevant courses in other disciplines beyond the immediate requirements of the program;
  • Capstone requirement: Advanced Seminar in Russian and Eurasian Studies (RS400 or PS tutorial: PS410; PS412; PS470). This course is required for all majors, and will result in the completion of an extended essay or independent research project, based on a significant body of original research and/or the student's internship experience in the region. Students will present this essay at an annual faculty-student seminar.

Essay Guidelines

The extended essay, 30-50 pages, can focus on any topic pertaining to the Russian language, literature, and culture, as well as to Russian and Eurasian history, politics, and economics. The essay must demonstrate:

  1. Student's command of primary sources in the original language (Russian and/or other languages of the region);
  2. Knowledge of the current state of research in the chosen subject,
  3. Competence in crafting an argument supporting one's own view of the chosen subject.

It is strongly encouraged that at least one section of the essay (approximately 10 pages) be written in the target language.

Essay should be printed double-spaced throughout, including footnotes, endnotes, and list of references.

All citations or paraphrase based citations must be documented.

In matters of style, follow the latest MLA standards (e.g.,

Essays are due by 3 p.m. on the first Monday of Block 8.


To fulfill the program minor, students must complete a total of 6 units as follows:

  • Two units of relevant language;
  • One unit in area history
  • Three units in related courses in any division;