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Departmental Honors

Graduating with Distinction in Psychology

Criteria for Graduating with Distinction in Psychology:

  1. Minimum GPA of 3.6 in Psychology with no more than two courses taken P/F.
  2. Final Project (PY451) judged worthy of distinction by the faculty.
    To graduate with honors the student must complete a final research project that deemed worthy of distinction. At a minimum, the project must be completed and submitted on time (i.e., first Monday Block 7 of senior year), and the student must present the project at Psychology and Neuroscience Poster Day (Block 8). Beyond these minimal requirements the faculty also consider:
    • The overall quality of the research question and project plan.
    • The quality of the written research paper.
    • The quality of the oral and visual presentation at Poster Day.
    • The number of blocks committed to the research (i.e., PY452 and/or PY453 are desirable).
    • Whether the project was also presented at any research conferences.

For cases that fall on the cusp of distinction the faculty may also consider whether the student took more than the minimum number of psychology courses, has had work experiences related to the course of study, or has contributed meaningfully to the Department community, enhancing its mission and benefiting other students.


In addition to graduating with Distinction, an outstanding student can be further recognized with one or more of the following awards.

Cornelia Manley Sabine Award

This award is presented annually to the outstanding graduating psychology senior on behalf of Cornelia Sabine, Class of 1947, a longtime supporter of Colorado College and the Department of Psychology. This award serves as a tribute to Cornelia, who has had a long and distinguished career in public service as a psychologist, working with both children and adults in Colorado. Her advice to students was always to use their knowledge of psychology to bring peace and understanding into relationships in our fractious modern world.

Cornelia Manley Sabine Scholarship in Psychology

The Sabine Scholarship in Psychology Award was established in 2007 to recognize the accomplishments of a deserving Colorado College Psychology Department major. The selection of the recipient is based on the student's academic record and contribution to the total life of the college. This scholarship is intended to reduce the loan component of the recipient's financial aid award in the their senior year. The award is presented annually on behalf of Cornelia Sabine, Class of 1947, a longtime supporter of Colorado College and the Department of Psychology.

William Arthur Blakely Award

A small monetary award in honor of W. Arthur Blakely can be presented to an outstanding psychology major at Honors Convocation, usually to a non-senior. W. Arthur Blakely was a Colorado College Psychology Professor from 1931-1961. The prize indicates that the recipient has shown unusual seriousness of purpose in psychology.

Psi Chi International Honor Society

Psychology majors who have a 3.0 GPA in psychology courses and are in the top 35% of their class in overall GPA may be elected to Psi Chi, a national honorary society for undergraduate psychology students. The national society holds regional conferences and sponsors a number of scholarships. Election into Psi Chi normally occurs in the spring semester with an induction ceremony in Block 8.  Contact Lori Driscoll for information.

Margaret T. Barnes Scholarship

Prospective students who are interested in attending CC and majoring in psychology may be eligible for the Margaret T. Barnes Scholarship in the Natural Sciences. Students applying to CC who are interested in pursuing this scholarship should indicate their intention to major in psychology or neuroscience on their application. This scholarship provides full-tuition grants, renewable to four years, to outstanding students who plan to major in the natural sciences. To apply, see the instructions and contacts on the linked page.