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Research Experience Requirement

All Psychology majors must complete a qualifying Research Experience course as a graduation requirement for the major.  Either PY451 Final Project or PY251 Psychological Investigations may be used to satisfy this requirement.  Both courses require consent of instructor (COI) to enroll.  Neuroscience majors may also optionally seek out these research courses.  In their Junior Year, all majors will receive a Research Experience Application that will be used to either apply for a Research Experience in their Senior Year, to indicate that a course satisfying the requirement (PY451/PY251) has been completed previously, or to inform the department no such experience is required or sought (Neuroscience majors only).

Questions about the application process can be directed to Mark Saviano or other Psychology Department faculty or staff.

PY251 - Psychological Investigations

Research in an area supervised by a faculty member. The project may be a review of the literature or a research apprenticeship with a faculty member. 1 unit completed in a single block.

PY451 - Final Project (Thesis)

In depth exploration of a particular topic under the supervision of a faculty member. A final project may take several forms: (a) supervised independent research leading to a publishable paper, (b) a review of the literature to address a particular issue, or (c) directed field study. 1 unit typically completed over the course of several blocks.

PY451 is required for consideration for "Distinction" for both Psychology and Neuroscience majors.