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Large Format Printer / Plotter

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Large-Format Printer Guidelines

Revised May 2015


For print jobs or questions about Psychology Dept printing contact Mark Saviano.
(During June/July please contact the Psychology Paraprofessional.)


The Psychology Department operates a large format (42” HP DesignJet 800PS) color printer that is available for use for academic purposes (e.g., conference posters, teaching materials, banners, etc.) by Colorado College faculty, staff, and students. A fee, as described below, will be charged for each print job to cover the cost of consumables that were purchased from the Psychology Dept budget.


Print jobs must be submitted a minimum of three (3) work days in advance and are generally available for pickup by 5pm. E.g., a job submitted Monday at noon will be ready Thursday by 5pm. Please provide more advanced notice for large jobs (i.e., 10+ documents). If even possible to accept, a “rush fee” will be charged for jobs submitted with less than 3 days notice. Greater advanced notice is always appreciated.

Paper Options and Fees

The Psychology Department maintains paper roll sizes of 42”, 36” and 24” (see below). “Standard” sizes must include one of these dimensions for either the width or height of a document. For example 30"x36” and 36"x48" are standard whereas 30"x40" is not. The dept does not have a large format paper cutter so nonstandard sizes will be charged for the paper used and must be cut to size by the person requesting the job.

Available Paper Roll Types (For comparison, typical copy paper is 20 lb.)

24” Bright White Inkjet Paper (24 lb.) $3.00 / sq ft e.g., 24"x60" = $30.00
36” Bright White Inkjet Paper (24 lb.) $3.00 / sq ft e.g., 36"x48" = $36.00
42” Coated Bond Paper (26 lb.) $3.00 / sq ft e.g., 42"x54" = $47.25
42” Semi-Gloss Photo Paper (50 lb.) $4.00 / sq ft e.g., 42"x54" = $63.00

Rush Fee: $10.00 For jobs submitted with less than 3 days notice, if schedule permits.

For this model printer, the inks are dye-based with 6-month lightfastness under constant light exposure. Further constant exposure will result in gradual fading.

Document / File Format Requirements

  • Documents should be submitted in PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) format whenever possible.
    NOTE: For posters created on a Mac, submitting both PowerPoint and PDF formats is recommended.
  • A minimum 1" border is required on all sides of the document.
  • Maximum size for the smaller side of a document is 42" (printer capacity).