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    Course Approval Policy for Off-Campus Study

    If you are interested in using a course taken while studying off-campus toward a major/minor in Political Science or one of the joint majors in which Political Science is a participant, you must:

    1. Declare your major. In order to do this, sign up with an advisor in the Political Science Department, if you have not already done so.
    2. Talk to your departmental advisor about courses in the intended off-campus study program that might satisfy requirements for the major or minor in Political Science or for Political Science requirements in one of the joint majors.
    3. Submit an official course approval request using the Summit system. No course can be considered for approval without a syllabus (a course description alone is not sufficient.)
      While students can and should come up with a few options for courses to take while off-campus, please note that the Political Science department normally accepts only one unit taken abroad to fulfill requirements.

    To submit a credit-approval request through Summit please follow these steps:

    1. Log in to the Center for Global Education and Field Study portal via Summit.
    2. Start a New Application.
    3. Select the CC Internal Application for Off-Campus Study.
    4. Find and Select your program.
    5. Select a pre-approved course or Create a new one in the Course Approval Tab.
    6. Check the appropriate box (Apply to Major or Minor)
    7. Complete and Submit your application.

     Note: When you submit a course approval request in Summit, it first goes to the Registrar's Office, who will automatically determine whether a course meets all-College requirements as well as how many units it will be at CC. This will be reflected on the course approval in Summit once the Registrar has reviewed it. Additionally, if you would like to forward a course approval request also to your major or minor departmental chair, you'll have an opportunity to indicate this on the specific course approval request in Summit, and it will go to department chair, after the Registrar makes their initial determination of transferability to CC.

    If you have any questions please email Heather Powell Browne .