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Requirements for Majors

Political Science has four majors.  Browse through each major for more information.

Political Science Major

International Political Economy Major

History/Political Science Major

Classics/History/Politics Major

Political Science Course Approval Policy for Off-Campus Study 

If you are interested in using a course taken while studying off-campus toward a major in Political Science or one of the joint majors in which Political Science is a participant, you should:

  1. Declare your major and consult an advisor in the Political Science Department, if you have not already done so.

  2. Talk to your departmental advisor about courses in the intended off-campus study program that might satisfy requirements for the major or minor in Political Science or for Political Science requirements for one of the joint majors. The department normally accepts only one unit taken abroad to fulfill requirements. (The Registrar decides whether a course can be accepted for credit toward graduation but not whether it fulfills departmental requirements.)
  3. Once you’ve completed the off-campus study semester, return to campus with a syllabus in hand and talk to your advisor again to confirm that the course satisfies departmental standards and to determine which requirement it fulfills. A note will be placed in your file within the Political Science Department, if approved.

Note: Political Science does not pre-approve courses using the Summit system. You must work with your advisor upon return.