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Political Science Minor

A minor in political science enables students to complete a course of study within one of the subfields in the major. Completion of a minor in political science requires five courses, distributed as follows and chosen in consultation with an adviser in the department:

1) One of the following: 200 in the United States politics and government subfield; 209 or 225 in the international relations subfield; 236 in comparative politics; 290 in the political theory subfield*. Either 209 or 225 can be counted toward the minor, but not both.

*The new introductory theory requirement takes effect starting with the class of '24. Students in the class of '20, '21, '22, and '23 can fulfill the theory requirement EITHER under the old OR the new requirement. OLD THEORY REQUIREMENT: PS205 or PS270 or PS292 or PS298

2) Three upper-division courses in the minor subfield, including at least one 300-level course for which the student has completed the prerequisite. A course in another subfield can be substituted for one of these three courses upon consultation with the minor advisor.

3) A tutorial in the minor subfield.

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