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Requirements for Minor

ADVISERS - Department


A minor in political science enables students to complete a course of study within one of the subfields in the major. Completion of a minor in political science requires five courses, distributed as follows and chosen in consultation with an adviser in the department:

1) One of the following: 200 in the American politics subfield; 209 or 225 in the international relations subfield; 236 in comparative politics; 205 or 270 or 292 or 298 in the political theory subfield. Either 209 or 225 can be counted toward the minor, but not both.

2)  Three upper-division courses in the minor subfield, including at least one 300-level course for which the student has completed the prerequisite. A course in another subfield can be substituted for one of these three courses upon consultation with the minor advisor.

3) A tutorial in the minor subfield.