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    2018 Midterm Election Symposium

    Midterm Election Symposium

    Sponsored by:

    The Department of Political Science
    The William Jovanovich Lecture in Public Affairs Fund
    The Fred A. Sondermann Memorial Fund
    The Marianne Lannon Lopat Memorial Lecture Fund

    Schedule of Events:

    Monday, September 24

    Vincent Hutchings, (Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan)
    First Mondays Speaker: "Understanding the 2018 Election"
    11:15 am, Kathryn Mohrman Theatre, Armstrong Hall

    Professor Hutchings' general interests include public opinion, elections, voting behavior, and African American politics. He recently published a book at Princeton University Press entitled Public Opinion and Democratic Accountability: How Citizens Learn About Politics, that focuses on how, and under what circumstances, citizens monitor (and consequently influence) their elected representative's voting behavior. In addition to this project, Professor Hutchings also studies how the size of the African American constituency in congressional districts can influence legislative responsiveness to Black interests. The most recent product of this research was published in the Journal of Politics. Finally, he is also interested in the ways that campaign communications can "prime" various group identities and subsequently affect candidate evaluations. This study examines how campaign communications can subtly---and not so subtly---prime voter's racial (and other group-based) attitudes and subsequently affect their political decisions. Research from this project, co-authored with Professor Nicholas Valentino and Ismail White, has been published in the American Political Science Review. Professor Hutchings, and collaborators Ashley Jardina, Rob Mickey, and Hanes Walton, are currently exploring how different news frames can diminish or exacerbate tensions among Whites, Blacks and Latinos.

    Wednesday, October 24

    Thomas B. Edsall, (American Politics Writer for the New York Times)
    7:00 pm, Kathryn Mohrman Theatre, Armstrong Hall 

     Monday, October 29

    Academics Panel featuring Professors of Political Science, Anand Sokhey, (University of Colorado, Boulder); Deborah Schildkraut, (Tufts University); and Joanne Miller, (University of Minnesota)
    12:00 pm, Gaylord Hall, Worner Center 

    Lunch served (RSVP required to Jessica Pauls)

    Tuesday, October 30

    April Ryan, (Political Analyst for CNN)
    7:00pm, Kathryn Mohrman Theatre, Armstrong Hall

    Tickets Required

    Monday, November 5

    Thomas Holt, (Professor of American and African American History at University of Chicago) 
    "Celebration of Frederick Douglas’ Birthday"
    7:00pm, Gaylord Hall, Worner Center

    The Marianne Lannon Lopat Memorial Lecture

    Wednesday, November 7

    Jim Stimson, (Professor of Political Science at UNC and author of “Tides of Consent”)
    12:15 pm, South Hall

    Lunch served (RSVP required to Jessica Pauls)

    Monday, November 12

    John Kasich, (Governor of Ohio)
    7:00pm, Kathryn Mohrman Theatre, Armstrong Hall

    Tickets Required

    Thursday, November 29

    Colorado Politics Panel
    12:15 pm, Gaylord Hall, Worner Center

    Lunch served (RSVP required to Jessica Pauls)