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Paths into Engineering

None of these paths are obviously better than another. Which works best for you will depend on what your interests are, what you hope to accomplish while at CC, what your career goals are, and so on.

3-2 Programs

Here you spend three years at Colorado College, completing all the requirements for your bachelor of arts degree, including those for general education and for your major, everything except the 32 credit requirement. In addition, you complete the requirements for the engineering school and program you are interested in.

If you do all of this with a reasonable grade point average (requirements differ, but are generally a 3.0 or 3.3), and B´s or better in all your pre-engineering courses, you will have (more or less) automatic acceptance into the engineering program.

Although most students major in the science closest to their engineering degree (e.g. physics for electrical engineering, biology for biomedical, etc), you can major in anything you like, provided you complete all the pre-engineering requirements.

After completing your three years at CC, and all the pre-engineering requirements, you spend two years at one of our partner engineering schools, completing the requirements for the bachelor´s degree there. At the end of five years, you will graduate from both schools, with two bachelor´s degrees.

4-2 Programs

This works just like the 3-2 program, except that you spend four years at Colorado College, followed by two years at the partner school. At the end of six years, you graduate from both schools, receiving two bachelor´s degrees. There are financial aid implications to this that you need to check into. In addition, since this is an undergraduate program, it´s important that you begin the engineering program without graduating from CC.

Graduate Schools in Engineering

To take this path, you complete your BA at Colorado College, and apply to graduate school in engineering. At the end of two years (usually), you graduate with a master´s degree in engineering. Unlike the 3-2 and 4-2 programs, there is no routine acceptance, you apply in the same pool as everyone else. But you can apply to any school you like, and you finish six years with a master´s degree rather than two bachelor´s degree.

In order to be attractive to engineering programs, you are better off, in this case, obtaining a strong background in science as an undergraduate. Most students major in the science closest to the branch of engineering they are interested in. And it certainly won´t hurt you to take the pre-engineering course requirements.