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Engineering Half-Block

2018-2019 Engineering Half-Block

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2017-2018 Engineering Half-Block


Investigations in Engineering: Architectural Engineering

Building Energy Systems & Sustainable Building Design

Description: Residential and commercial buildings consume 40% of our nation's energy. With a growing population, increasing environmental concerns, and rising energy costs, the integration of energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies is essential to today's building design and renovation projects. Explore the field of architectural engineering through this fun, project-based course focused on optimizing building energy systems for minimal impact on energy and the environment.

In this course, students will work to design a fictitious, net-zero energy environmental education center for a local city open-space nature preserve. Students will:

- Develop design goals

- Determine energy targets

- Conduct a site analysis

- Work on basic building design and architectural programming

- Determine design strategies that are regional, passive, active, and include materials with low environmental impact

- Run basic building energy simulations

- Determine renewable energy sources to meet net-zero energy goals

Visiting Professor Rois Langner, Architectural Engineer, Commercial Buildings Research Group M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder, B.A. Physics, Colorado College