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Alberto Hernandez-Lemus

Associate Professor

After an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature, Alberto Hernandez-Lemus started his career in philosophy in aesthetics, writing on the cinema theory of Gilles Deleuze.  He has gradually come to focus on social and political philosophy, particularly on philosophical issues pertaining to contemporary social movements in the global South.

Representative Publications

“Beyond Pensiero debole in Latin America: Territories Outside State Structures” Radical Philosophy Review, Vol. 19, Number 2 (2016), 409-427.

“Bad Logic or Bad Faith?” in Inside Higher Ed Academe, January-February 2016.

"Deleuze and Italian Neorealism," in Realism/Anti-Realism in Twentieth Century Literature, ed. by Christine Baron & Manfred Engel (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2010), pp. 127-136.

“Indigenismo,” “NAFTA,” and “Rosario Castellanos,” all co-authored with Juan Carlos Hernández-Lemus, in Latino History and Culture: An Encyclopedia, ed. by David Leonard & Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo (Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 2009).

“Performance Activism at the Borderlands,” Política y Cultura 26 (2006): 109-129.

"Philosophical Reflections on the Conquest of Mexico," Teaching Philosophy 28 (2005): 135-153.

"Zapatismo and Liberation Theology: The Road to Civil Society in Chiapas," in Humanity at the Turning Point: Rethinking Nature, Culture, and Freedom, ed. by Sonja Servomaa (Helsinki: Renvall Institute Publications, 2005).

“Comments on James Maffie’s ‘The Epistemology of Aztec Time-Keeping’,” APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy 3 (2004): 103-104.

"Reflecting on the Good Life: An Intergenerational Dialogues," Academic Exchange Quarterly Summer 2003:66-70.

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Regular Classes


PH 201 History of Modern Philosophy

PH 247 Aesthetics

PH 283 Latin-American Philosophy

PH 285 Philosophy and Race

PH 302 History of 20th Century Continental Philosophy


    B.A., Colorado College, 1987
    M.A., New School for Social Research, 1996
    Ph.D., New School University, 2000