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Michael Kim

Michael's interests in philosophy were formed from a strongly interdisciplinary background during his undergraduate education, which started at the University of Virginia but finished at CC (class of 2005), before graduate education at Villanova University. Michael is committed to a pluralistic approach to philosophy, both within philosophical methodologies as well as philosophy's relationship to other disciplines. His work is grounded in the history of philosophy but especially inspired by contemporary European philosophy. In addition to a dissertation titled "Image and Phenomenon: For a Critique of Appearance", he is also co-editing a project on Leibniz and contemporary philosophy.


"Love At the Limit of Phenomenology (à la Sartre and Marion)" in New Philosophies of Love and Sex, ed. Sarah Lachance Adams, et al. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.

Link to CV

Regular Classes

PH 140: Ethics

PH 201: History of Modern Philosophy

PH 203: Critical Epistemologies: Race, Gender, Knowledge, and Justice

PH 226: Formal Logic

PH 227: Epistemology

PH 245: History of Social and Political Philosophy: Modern Debates

PH 247: Aesthetics

PH260: Existentialism

PH 284: Feminist Philosophies

PH 321: Metaphysics

PH 456: Senior Colloquium


    B.A., Colorado College, 2005 (summa cum laude)

    M.A., Villanova University, 2009

    Ph.D., Villanova University, expected 2018