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Ron Hathaway

Ron Hathaway


Research Interests


Histology and histological procedures including histochemistry

Reproductive physiology of trematodes and cestodes (parasitic flatworms)

Scanning and transmission electron microscopy

Rocky Mountain Conference of Parasitologists Webpage

Regular Classes

BY108 - Invertebrate Zoology
BY109 - Vertebrate Zoology
BY244 - Histotechnique (half-block)
BY309/409 - Research Problems in Biology
BY330 - Parasitic Protozoa
BY331 - Parasitic Helminths
BY344 - Scanning Electron Microscopy
BY345 - Transmission Electron Microscopy


    B.S., Fort Lewis College, 1965; M.S., University of New Mexico, 1966; Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1970