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Jim Ebersole

Jim Ebersole


Current Research Focus

Restoration of alpine vegetation damaged by recreational use. With students I am studying the best ways to restore the vegetation on closed social trails on Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks. Colorado Fourteeners Initiative is constructing trails to summits of these peaks, and we are studying how to restore the vegetation on the numerous trails closed after these new trails are built.

Courses Taught

BE341 / 331: Introduction to Ecology and Conservation in Tanzania. 
On-campus background on the ecology and conservation in the savannas of northern Tanzania, including the social, economic, and cultural contexts for management. The course is linked to BE440 / EV440 Ecology and Conservation of Tanzania, and students must enroll in both courses. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing; BE208 Ecology or EV209 Environmental Ecology; and COI, by application.  
0.5 unit
BE440:  Ecology and Conservation in Tanzania. 
On-site study of wildlife and ecosystems of the savannas of northern Tanzania and the issues in conserving them, including cultural, economic, social, and ecological perspectives.
Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing; BE208 Ecology or EV209 Environmental Ecology; BE341 / EV331 Introduction to Ecology and Conservation in Tanzania; and COI by application. (taught in Tanzania)  Extra expense. 1 unit

BY105 Biology of Plants

BY208 Ecology

BY220 Biostatistics and Experimental Design

BY308 Advanced Ecology

BY390 Ecology and Biogeography of Patagonia

BY440 Ecology 2

BY100 Ecology and Land Use in the Pyrenees (in Spanish), summer 2013

EV120 Ecology and Conservation in Namibia, summer 2010

EV 120 Sustainable Practices in the Arctic North, summer 2007

Personal Interests

Back country skiing (tours, telemarking, peak descents), hiking, travel.

Recent Publications

*indicates undergraduate

In revision.  *Webster, L. and J. J. Ebersole. Maasai perceptions of dogs in northern Tanzania.  Society and Animals


In review  *Kehlenbeck, M. A. and J. J. Ebersole.  Influences, perceptions, and understandings of wildlife conservation in Oltukai village, northern Tanzania. 

 2017  *Johnson, J. E. and J. J. Ebersole.  Response of Acacia tortilis to elephant browsing in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania: possible above-ground compensation?  Journal of Young Investigators 32:1-6.


2017  *Hägerling, H., G. and J. J. Ebersole.  Roads as travel corridors for mammals and ground birds in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.  African Journal of Ecology.


2016 Walker, D. A., and 35 others including JJE.  2016. The Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA-AK). Phytocoenologia. Published online August 2016.


2015 *Davis, B. R. and J. J. Ebersole.  Impala (Aepyceros melampus) associate with olive baboons (Papio anubis) for feeding and security in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.  African Journal of Ecology 54:238–241  DOI: 10.1111/aje.12263


2015  *Greenler, S. M. and J. J. Ebersole. Bird communities in tropical agroforesty ecosystems: an under-appreciated conservation resource. Agroforesty Systems 89:691-704.  DOI 10.1007/s10457-015-9805-y


2014  *Sides, C. B., B. J. Enquist, J. J. Ebersole, M. N. Smith, A. N. Henderson, L. L. Sloat. Revisiting Darwin's hypothesis: does greater intraspecific variability increase species' ecological breadth? American Journal of Botany 101:56-62.

Other Publications

*indicates undergraduate

2011 *Myerburg, M. M., J. J. Ebersole, *L. G. Shoemaker, and M. S. Heschel. Limited plasticity of biomass allocation in alpine forbs, Pikes Peak, Colorado. Western North American Naturalist 71:431-435.

2009 *Poore, R. E., C. A. Lamanna, J. J. Ebersole, and B. J. Enquist. Controls on radial growth of mountain big sagebrush and implications for climate change. Western North American Naturalist 69:556–562.

2008 *Kempes, C. P., O. B. Myers, D. D. Breshears, and J. J. Ebersole. Comparing response of Pinus edulis tree-ring growth to five alternate moisture indices using historic meteorological data. Journal of Arid Environments 72:350-357.

2006 Lostroh, C. P., and J. J. Ebersole. Bio 2010-Evolution as an alternative organizing theme. Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly 26:153-155.

2006 *Bay, R. F. and J. J. Ebersole. Success of alpine turf transplants in restoring alpine trails, Colorado, USA. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 38:173-178.

2003 *McCain, E. B., *J. I. Zlotoff, and J. J. Ebersole. Effects of elk browsing on aspen stand
characteristics, Rampart Range, Colorado. Western North American Naturalist 63:129-132.

2002 Ebersole, J. J. Recovery of alpine vegetation on small, denuded plots, Niwot Ridge,
Colorado, U.S.A. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 34:389-397.

2002 Ebersole, J. J., *R. F. Bay, and *D. K. Conlin. Restoring high-alpine social trails on Colorado Fourteeners, U. S. A. pp. 389-391 in K. M. Urbanska and J. C. Chambers. High-elevation ecosystems. in A. J. Davy and M. Perrow, eds. Handbook of Restoration Ecology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

2001 *Conlin, D. B., and J. J. Ebersole. Restoration of an alpine disturbance: differential
success of species in turf transplants, Colorado, U.S.A. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 33:340-347.

2001 Forbes, B. C., J. J. Ebersole, and B. Strandberg. Anthropogenic disturbance and patch
dynamics in circumpolar arctic ecosystems. Conservation Biology 15:954-969.


Curriculum Vitae


    PhD 1985 University of Colorado, Boulder