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Scheduling Courses

Scheduling Courses

It is important to plan courses for your Neuroscience major as early as you can, and that you be cognizant of the sequence in which the courses need to be taken. Flexibility built into the Neuroscience major at the upper levels will enable you to gain deeper experience into the aspects of the field that interest you the most. However, foundational courses in several departments must be completed first.


Below is a general course scheduling schematic that you can use to assist you in planning your curriculum. There are several ways to complete the major, so this is only one suggestion. Note that in your first two years it is ideal to complete most of the foundational courses so that you will have the prerequisites to take the upper level courses of your choice.


Some of the courses below require a large number of points to secure enrollment. We recommend that you consult with a neuroscience advisor early and often regarding course selection issues; do not attempt to sign up for courses without assistance. Although the Neuroscience advisors will never be able to tell you exactly how many points will be required to guarantee a spot in a given course in any given year, they can tell you how many points have been required in previous years.


First year:

  • PY100: Introduction to Psychology
  • CH107: Integrated General Chemistry I
  • CH108: Integrated General Chemistry II
  • MA126: Calculus I


Second year:

  • PY297 and PY298:Neuroscience I and II – 2 Blocks (could be taken at beginning of third year instead)
  • PY202:Research Design – 2 Blocks
  • MB131: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology*


Third year:

  • CH250:Structures of Organic Molecules*
  • CH251:Reactions of Organic Molecules*
  • One or two elective courses (see major requirements for list)


Fourth year:

  • Remaining elective courses
  • Two 400-level seminars (see major requirements for list)
  • Independent research and/or thesis, if desired



*Students who are interested in biochemistry or pharmacology may instead wish to take CH250 and CH251 in their sophomore year and MB131 in their junior year.