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Scheduling Courses

Scheduling Courses

Advice for scheduling courses in the Neuroscience major. Below is a hypothetical course selection strategy that would lead to the successful completion of the Neuroscience major. Many variations from these examples are possible, but they may not be optimal.

For several of the courses below, a large number of points is required to assure enrollment. Although the Neuroscience advisors will never be able to tell you exactly how many points will be required to guarantee a spot in a given course in any given year, they can tell you how many points have been required in previous years. Consult with a neuroscience advisor early and often regarding course selection issues; do not attempt to sign up for courses without assistance.

First year:

PY100:Introduction to Psychology

CH107:Integrated General Chemistry I

CH108:Integrated General Chemistry II

MA126:Calculus I

Second year:

PY297 and PY298:Neuroscience I and II – 2 Blocks

PY202:Research Design – 2 Blocks

CH250:Structures of Organic Molecules*

CH251:Reactions of Organic Molecules*

Third year:

PY3??: One 300 level psychology course

BY131:Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology**

BY231:Genetics or CH382: Biochemistry I

HK206: Exercise Physiology or HK204: Introduction to Human Anatomy

Fourth year:

2 of the following: PY412:Neuropsychology, PY417:Advanced Neuroscience Seminar, PY420: Cognitive Neuroethology, PY433:Neuropharmacology

Courses in Psychology, Biology, or Chemistry not previously completed.

PY451:Final Project – if interested in graduate school

* Some students prefer to take CH250 and CH251 during the summer.
**An alternative would be to take BY131 sophomore year and CH250 and CH251 junior year.



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