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Major Declarations Checklist

Major Declaration Checklist

Before you submit your Neuroscience major declaration (the green form), read and verify that you have completed the following requirements.

_____ You must have taken, at a minimum, FIVE of the following courses:

____ PY297: Neuroscience I (REQUIRED)
____ PY298: Neuroscience II (REQUIRED)
____ PY100: Introduction to Psychology or FYE Intro. equivalent
____ PY202: Research Design in Psychology (2 blocks)
____ PY3??: One 300 level psychology course
____ PY412: Neuropsychology
____ PY417: Advanced Neuroscience Seminar
____ PY420: Cognitive Neuroethology
____ PY433: Neuropharmacology
____ BY131: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
____ CH382: Biochemistry I OR BY231: Genetics
____ CH107: Integrated General Chemistry I
____ CH108: Integrated General Chemistry II
____ CH250: Structures of Organic Molecules
____ CH251: Reactions of Organic Molecules
____ MA126: Calculus I
____ HK206: Exercise physiology or HK207:Introduction to human anatomy

_____ Your advisor should be a Neuroscience advisor.

_____ You have thoroughly read and understand the requirements for the Neuroscience major, as put forth on the Neuroscience web page:
_____ I understand that the listed course requirements for the major are the minimum necessary to graduate with a degree in Neuroscience.
_____ I understand all course requirements of the major, and that I must plan my course schedule such that I have sufficient time to complete all courses in the required order.
_____ I understand that I must adhere to the Colorado College Honor system, including stated requirements regarding plagiarism, quotations, citations and APA format in Psychology courses.
_____ I understand the procedures for applying for PY451:Final Project.
_____ I understand that I must earn a C- or S grade in all courses required to fulfill neuroscience major requirements.



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