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Major/Minor Requirements

Declaring a Music Major or Minor

The Colorado College Music Major empasizes theory, performance and more. Students are encouraged to study music from a diverse array of critical perspectives. Majors have the option to direct their studies toward composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, performance and practical theory on their way to earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After declaring a major or minor in music, students are awarded full scholarship funding for one set of private lessons on the instrument of their choice and one-half scholarship funding for a second set of lessons. Music majors are required to attend ten department-approved concerts per semester; minors must attend five approved concerts per semester.

Senior Music Majors must take MU435 Senior Seminar and complete a Senior Capstone Project in their chosen emphasis. A senior recital and/or presentation satisfies this requirement. Link to the full listing of requirements at the right.

Forms with the full lists of requirements can be viewed and printed from the yellow callbox to the right.