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Bernie Brink

A native of Colorado, Bernie Brink has spent his entire professional life teaching and performing music. Following very diverse performing and composing experience in his undergraduate and graduate studies, Bernie’s proclivity for education led him to studio teaching almost immediately. In addition to tailoring instruction and curriculum for students of all ages and abilities, including special needs students, he also developed and taught courses on a variety of topics, including jazz improvisation, jazz styles for rhythm section, experimental music, world music, advanced piano techniques, and more. He continues to direct curriculum and program development for educational initiatives with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

Accomplished in both jazz and classical styles, Bernie accompanied dance and company classes for the Madison Ballet, Ballet Austin, and the American Ballet Theatre, while continuing to perform numerous club dates with small jazz groups. Through his work in experimental music ensembles, he has performed at festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe, and has worked with contemporary composers Stephen Scott, Stephen Drury, and Christian Wolff.

Bernie received his Bachelor of Arts in Music from Colorado College, and his Master of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Northern Colorado. Outside of his professional roles, Bernie continues to compose works for a variety of ensembles, and in his free time enjoys modern board gaming, cooking, painting, and small gatherings with friends.