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Major Requirements

Requirements for a Math Major

In addition to the general college requirements, a major in mathematics must complete:

  • MA126 and MA129  Calculus 1 & Calculus 2 (or equivalent) 

  • MA204 , MA220 and MA251 Calculus 3, Linear Algebra, & Number Theory (should complete before declaring the major) 

  • MA321 and MA375 - Abstract Algebra 1 & Mathematical Analysis 1 

  • One of the following (which should be taken in the same year as its prerequisite whenever possible):
      • MA322 - Abstract Algebra 2
      • MA376 - Mathematical Analysis 2
      • MA417 - Mathematical Statistics
      • OR both MA316 and MA318 - Partial Differential Equations & Numerical Analysis
  • Three other 300-400 level one-unit courses, OR two other 300-400 level one-unit courses AND two other 200 level one unit-courses not meeting one of the requirements above, (excluding Independent Studies: MA255 , MA355MA455.) EC392 can also count as a 200-level elective. 

A student majoring in Mathematics must also:

  • Attend at least four departmental seminars or department-approved talks after declaring the major, and submit a one-page summary of each to the Dept Chairperson within two weeks of the seminar. This should be completed by the end of Block 7 of the student's senior year. Consult the department for further details on what constitutes an approved talk.  Need help with your Seminar Writeups? Download our helpful Seminar Writeup handout to get a better idea of what is expected in your summaries.
  • Complete a capstone experience intended to give the student an opportunity to engage mathematics in a deep and meaningful way.  The capstone will challenge the student to read, write, and think about mathematics, drawing on the knowledge and skills that they have acquired throughout their studies.  There are two ways to complete the capstone requirement:
    1. Pass MA408 - History of Mathematics during the senior year.  In this case, MA408 will not count as one of the 300-400 level electives needed for the major. 

    2.Complete a senior thesis.  The thesis will involve either original research or substantial expository work.  The student must have a thesis advisor in the department, and submit a thesis proposal to the department by the end of Block 3 of his or her senior year.  The student must enroll in at least one block of MA499 (Senior Thesis) with his or her thesis advisor during the senior year.  Consult the department for further details.  

To be considered for graduation with Distinction in Mathematics, a student must complete three courses with a 300-level prerequisite, one of which must be MA410. In addition, such students must complete a distinction project and be approved by a vote of the department faculty. (The distinction project satisfies the capstone experience requirement.) Further information is available from the department, and on the link above.