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Current Block Courses

BLOCK 8:  Apr 23 - May 16



CP115 Computational Thinking Dan Ellsworth TSC 213
CP222 Computer Science Matthew Whitehead TSC 221
CP275 Computer Organization Ben Ylvisaker TSC 218
CP341 Topics in Computer Science: Machine Learning Janet Burge TSC 223
MA117 Probability and Statistics Kirsten Hogenson Palmer 126
MA126 Calculus 1 Peg Howland TSC 324
MA129 Calculus 2 Beth Malmskog TSC 229
MA204 Calculus 3
Jane McDougall East Campus Hybl Comm Center #202
MA340 Topics in Mathematics: Knot Theory Molly Moran TSC 101
MA418 Numerical Analysis Andy Glen TSC 215

* denotes semester (Blocks 1-4, 5-8) or two-block course