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BLOCK 6:  Feb 20 - Mar 15



CP407 Analysis of Algorithms Ben Ylvisaker TSC 213
*CP248 Introduction to Robotics (Blocks 5-8) Matthew Whitehead, Steven Janke TSC 206D (office)
MA110 Mathematical Explorations: Cryptography Stefan Erickson Palmer 230
MA117 Probability and Statistics David Brown TSC 101
MA126 Calculus 1
Molly Moran TSC 223
MA129 Calculus 2 Marlow Anderson TSC 221
MA201 Foundations of Discrete Mathematics Rodney James Palmer 126
MA217 Probability and Statistical Modeling Andy Glen TSC 229
MA410 Complex Analysis  Jane McDougall TSC 211
MA421 Abstract Algebra II Michael Penn TSC 215

* denotes semester (Blocks 1-4, 5-8) or two-block course