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Matthew Whitehead

Associate Professor

I'm a computer scientist whose primary research interests are machine learning and artificial intelligence. I'm especially interested in applied ML: using machine learning to solve practical problems. I enjoy learning about new problems in all subject areas and figuring out how to use machine learning to solve those problems.  Recently I've also become interested in deep learning and hierarchical representations and how they may be used to inch toward artificial general intelligence.  

When I'm not stuck at my computer I can usually be found bicycling, hiking, trail running, playing tennis/racquetball/badminton, playing guitar rather poorly, reading, playing video games, baking bread, playing board games (Scrabble, GrabScrab, and chess in particular), writing poetry and fiction of questionable artistic value, watching sports, or generally annoying my wife, Madhuja, my puppy, Helo, and my daughter, Mia.

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