MarlowFest 2021

MarlowFest, Afternoons of May 6th and 7th

Watch videos of MarlowFest Thursday and Marlowfest Friday


We’ll celebrate the retirement of our dear and irreplaceable colleague Marlow Anderson with a two afternoon Zoom conference – MarlowFest - on May 6th and 7th. Two honorary CC colleagues will give keynote talks and will join current and former students to reminisce, tell stories, talk about their mathematical lives and generally thank Marlow for all he’s done for the department over the better part of 40 years.  

If you wish to send cards to Marlow -
Marlow Anderson
Colorado College
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science
14 E. Cache La Poudre Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Schedule (all times MDT - all talks virtual)

Thursday, May 6th

2:00 pm      Robin Wilson  - Professor Emeritus, Open University, UK - (Keynote ~45 minutes)

3:05 pm      Courtney Gibbons  - CC ‘06 -  (~20 minutes)

                           Break (10 minutes)     

                  Ariel Li Detlefson - CC ‘07 -(~20 minutes) 

4:15 pm      Barry Balof - CC ‘97 - (~20 minutes)                          

                   Amy Hepner - CC ‘09 - (~20 minutes)



Friday, May 7th 

2:00 pm      Todd Feil – Professor Emeritus, Denison University, USA -  (Keynote ~45 minutes)

3:05 pm      Elizabeth Wolfe- CC ‘06 - and Nicole Lyubenko - CC ‘06 - (together, ~25 minutes total)     

                           Break (10 minutes)

                   Sarah Wolff - CC ‘10 - (~20 minutes)

 4:15 pm      Molly Moran- CC ‘09 - (~20 minutes)




Barry Balof

Barry Balof graduated from Colorado College in 1997 and went on to earn a Ph.D. from Dartmouth College in 2003.  While at CC, he took classes from Marlow in Geometry, Linear Algebra, and History of Mathematics.  In 1997-8, he served as Paraprofessional, adding organizing Friday Happy Hours and Number Theory Horseshoes to his resume.  He is now a Professor of Mathematics at Marlow’s alma mater, Whitman College, where he is currently serving as Chair of the Faculty.  When not in the classroom (or the Bingo parlor!), you’re likely to find Barry at the bridge table. 

Ariel Detlefson

Ariel and her husband Rob both graduated from Colorado College in 2007. For the last 14 years Ariel has made a career as secondary mathematics teacher. Currently, Ariel teaches at Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogota, Colombia. This is her second international teaching post, after living and working for 6 years in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Ariel and Rob have two daughters, Avery and Adelyn.


Todd Feil

Todd is Professor Emeritus of Denison University, in Granville Ohio, where he taught mathematics for 32 years, retiring in 2013. He received his doctorate from Bowling Green State University under the late Charles Holland.  He now spends his time cycling, gardening, traveling with his wife Robin, and being entertained by his grandsons. One of his annual highlights is the long running ski trip with Marlow. He is fully vaccinated. 

Amy Hepner

2009 CC Grad in Mathematics.  Currently figuring out how to leverage machine learning and data analytics in software products to register people of color to vote.  Marlow's favorite student.  

Courtney Gibbons

Courtney Gibbons is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Hamilton College, where she works on problems in commutative algebra, thanks to Marlow Anderson's, John Watkins's, and Amelia Taylor's influences. She graduated from CC in 2006, spent a year as co-paraprof with Benji Thomas, and then earned her MS (2009) and Ph.D. (2013) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She recently finished up a 3-year stint on the Policy and Advocacy Committee for the Association for Women in Mathematics, including one year as chair of the committee. Inspired by Marlow, Courtney cultivates a menagerie of mathematical cats. 

Title: Paying it Forward -- Believing in Students like Marlow Believed in Me

Abstract: In this very disorganized talk, I'll highlight some results that undergraduate students and I have proved together. I'll also provide some Marlow anecdotes as I go, including that one time his abstract algebra class tried to prank him with kazoos on April Fool's Day only to find ourselves being played like a kazoo orchestra by Marlow himself!

Nicole Lyubenko

My name is Nicole Lyubenko and I am a Mathematics Major and Education Minor here at Colorado College. I will graduate this Spring of 2021. I am also on the women’s soccer team. This Spring I completed a thesis on the topic odd perfect numbers under Marlow’s watch. I am excited to share some results and more so to discuss how grateful I am to have gotten to work alongside Marlow Anderson.


Molly Moran

Molly Moran graduated from Colorado College in 2009 with a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics and a minor in French. She attended graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and completed her Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2015. Her research area is in geometric group theory and geometric topology, focusing mainly on group boundaries. Molly was lucky enough to come back home to Colorado College in 2015 as a Visiting Assistant Professor and is now in her fourth year as an Assistant Professor at Colorado College.


Robin Wilson

Robin Wilson is an Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics at the Open University, and is a former Fellow of Keble College, Oxford University. A former President of the British Society for the History of Mathematics, he has written and edited around fifty books on mathematics and its history. Involved with the popularization and communication of these subjects, he has received international awards from the MAA for his ‘outstanding expository writing’ and for his outreach activities. Since 1982 he has taught over two dozen blocks for CC and have enjoys many block break trips with Marlow.


Elizabeth Wolfe

Elizabeth Wolfe is a senior at Colorado College, majoring in Mathematics and English. She loves going on climbing adventures and learning new languages, but most of all she loves understanding the world through math. 

Sarah Wolff

Sarah Wolff graduated from Colorado College in 2010, majoring in Mathematics with minors in Spanish and Physics. She earned her Ph.D from Dartmouth College in 2015 and has been teaching at Denison University ever since. Her broad research interests are in applied representation theory and harmonic analysis. Teaching-wise, her favorite class to teach is Abstract Algebra (unsurprisingly, thanks to Marlow's influence!) A few non-math fun facts: she played soccer at CC (go Tigers!), loves cats, and is an ultramarathoner.


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