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Minor Requirements

Applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year.


5 units of courses in human biology and kinesiology including the core courses of:

HK204 – Introduction to Human Anatomy

HK321 – Human Physiology

HK330 – Exercise Physiology (previously taught HK 206 will fulfill this requirement)

And any two additional units in human biology and kinesiology, including:

HK125 – Introduction to Human Nutrition

HK130 - Fundamentals of Kinesiology

HK151 - Biophysics: Physics and Living Things

HK260 - Human Biology and Kinesiology Seminar (may be taught off campus or internationally)

HK300 - Investigations in Human Biology and Kinesiology (independent research with COI)

HK304 – Advanced Human Anatomy

HK430 – Advanced Exercise Physiology

HK 254 - Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy (0.5 unit) and GS113 - EMT Basic (0.5 unit); these two 0.5 unit courses must both be taken to equal one unit for the HBK minor.