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Resources for Students

Welcome to the History Department's Student Resources Page. Underneath you'll find various helpful links. If there is something you can't find, visit the History Department Office in Palmer. We would be happy to assist!

Academic Resources

Cosgrove Research Funding

McJimsey Research Assistantships

Pioneers Museum Insternship

Non-Departmental Funding


Tutt Subject Guide: History

Find resources for your research, including guides for specific courses, history databases by region, and resources for proper citations.

Phi Alpha Theta

National History Honor Society

Phi Alpha Theta is a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historian. Contact Jane Murphy ( for more information.

Tutt Subject Guide: Primary Sources

Find digitized primary sources, including historical sources on Colorado, Library of Congress archives, and lists of archival, museum, and library holdings.

Senior Thesis/Essay Information

1. Thesis Submission Guidelines and Policies

2. Electronic Thesis Submission

3. Print Theses Submission


Cosgrove Student Research Funding

Click here to download a PDF with application instructions.


Joanna Popiel (, 719-389-6523)


Cosgrove Student Research Funding is intended to support History students (majors and hyphenated-majors) working with History faculty mentors on historical research projects that cannot be undertaken at CC or through Inter-Library Loan. This research may occur during the regular academic year or, with faculty approval, during the summer. Students may apply to fund travel to libraries, archives or museums for on-site research, to conduct oral history interviews, or to gather other materials for research projects. We support direct travel costs, modest living expenses, and research costs up to $800 and encourage students to apply for Venture Grant Funding first or concurrently.


Up to $800 per student.

Application Requirements & Instructions  
Application Requirements & Instructions
  1. Detailed proposal describing the project, its timetable, and its specific research needs(i.e., listing the libraries/ archives/museums to be visited and the materials that the applicant hopes to examine)
  2. Brief Letter of support from CC History Department member
  3. Detailed budget, with airfare or mileage, food and lodging costs, and research expenses (photocopying, images, etc.)
  4. Acknowledgement of funding upon receipt in written or oral presentations of research*
Due Date

Applications are due on the 1st  Monday of each block (for consideration during the 1st Wednesday Department meeting).

Robert D. McJimsey Summer Student Research Assistantships

Click here to download a PDF with application instructions.


Joanna Popiel (, 719-389-6523) or Carol Neel (, 719-389-6527


Robert D. McJimsey Summer Research Awards are offered yearly to up to two History, Classics-History-Politics, History-Political Science, History-Philosophy majors or History minors. Students must return to CC for at least one semester following the research award. Eligible students are those whose interests and skills match those of Colorado College History faculty sufficiently that they are able to support specific faculty in their research toward publication. Awards may be up to $4,000 for ten weeks (or prorated for shorter periods). In the course of these assistantships, students work closely with individual professors to identify primary sources, survey and assess scholarly criticism, and support various stages of research and writing, from the formation of a research question through the correction of page proofs. Although such student involvement is of benefit to faculty scholarship, the primary goal of McJimsey awards is to support the development of students’ research interests and skills through apprenticeship.Here, especially able and engaged students are able to participate in publishable research and experience the steps through which a scholarly project moves from initial conception toward book or article form.


Awards may be up to $4,000 for ten weeks (or prorated for shorter periods).

Application Requirements & Instructions  
Application Requirements & Instructions

Students are advised to read carefully through the application outlined below, and to contact the History office coordinator, Joanna Popiel (719-389-6523), or Professor Carol Neel ( ) with any questions.


Applicants should prepare a proposal for ten weeks of summer assistantship in no more than 500 words. Because McJimsey awards assume close cooperation between a student and supervising faculty member, this proposal should explain the goals and status of the faculty member’s research project, and articulate the specific ways in which student support will be useful in that project’s completion. Categories of student work may include bibliographical research, survey of archival catalogs, assessment of secondary sources, translation, looking for references, response to preliminary drafts, or proofreading. Proposals should describe the ways in which project-specific work will contribute to the student’s general academic and particular historical interests. It should also explain how the skills cultivated in the summer’s assistantship support her/his long-term academic and intellectual goals.

Supporting Documents

Each application should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the faculty member associated with the student’s proposed summer work. This recommendation should affirm the value of the student’s support for carrying forward a specific research project. The application requires a second recommendation from a faculty member of either the History or another CC department. If human subjects are involved, Institutional Review Board approval will be the faculty member’s responsibility.

Application materials should be submitted as PDFs to Joanna Popiel ( and to both the potential research supervisor and second referee, so that they may submit appropriate comments on the application to Professor Neel for eventual review by the History Department. Applications are due on the first day of Block 7, Monday, March 26, 2018. Students who receive an award may apply for rent-free on-campus summer housing through the Dean’s Office, although housing is limited and not guaranteed.

Due Date

Applications are due on the first day of Block 7, Monday, March 26, 2018.

Summer Internship at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Click here to download a PDF with application instructions.


Joanna Popiel (, 719-389-6523) or Amy Kohout (, 719-389-6525)


The History Department is delighted to announce a new opportunity for a rising sophomore, junior, or senior: a public history internship with the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. The intern will work closely with curator Leah Davis Witherow at the Pioneers Museum to develop supplemental materials to support the new Helen Hunt Jackson exhibit opening this fall (see exhibit description below). This is an excellent opportunity to learn about public history, digital history, and curatorial practice, as well as to conduct research with papers and artifacts in both the Colorado College Special Collections (where Helen Hunt Jackson's papers are housed) and in the archives of the Pioneers Museum. The intern will have the opportunity to present their experiences working at the museum at a History department event next year.

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum has exhibited 3 original rooms of the Helen Hunt Jackson Home for over five decades and in two separate facilities. However, our understanding of the various ways these objects reveal important insights into the life and work of HHJ has evolved significantly over time. Opening in the fall of 2018, a new reinterpretation of the home will focus on using material culture objects and Jackson's own archives to examine among other things, how prolific author HHJ operated within and outside of the boundaries of nineteenth-century domestic Ideology and how her advocacy work grew out of an evolving sense of justice and connection to place. Helen Hunt Jackson surrounded herself with an eclectic variety of objects that reveal her enduring curiosity with culture, history, and the natural world - with bits of each reflected in her poems, essays and books.To learn more about Helen Hunt Jackson, take a look at these resources from CC's Special Collections


Awards are $4,000 for ten weeks.

Application Requirements & Instructions  
Application Requirements & Instructions

To apply, send a short essay (1-2 pages) explaining why you are interested in this opportunity, along with a current resume, to Joanna Popiel ( in the History Department.

Due Date

Applications are due on the first day of Block 7 (Monday, March 26, 2018).


Keller Venture Grants

Keller Venture Grants, made possible by the Keller Family Foundation, allow you to imagine, articulate, and bring to life your own original research project. Apply for a Keller Venture Grant today.

Gaylord Prize for Independent Study

Asian Studies Department

The purpose of this prize is to encourage and support independent work by students interested in Asian Studies. Prizes will be awarded for projects proposed by both individuals and small groups.

Sheffer Fund for Roman Catholic Studies

Religion Department

The Paul Frederick Sheffer Fund for Roman Catholic Studies awards grants to students and faculty for travel and study, provides library materials, funds internships with Roman Catholic agencies of community service, and supports visiting lecturers and block visitors.