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Bryan Rommel-Ruiz


Curriculum Vitae

Professor Bryan Rommel-Ruiz has been teaching at The Colorado College since 1996 when he first arrived as a Minority-Scholar-In-Residence and Visiting Instructor in American History. He is currently serving as associate chair of the department. He teaches a wide variety of courses in American History, African American History, US Southern History; World History, and Film and History.

He has published articles and essays in these fields (see Professor Rommel-Ruiz's Curriculum Vita for a detailed list of his publications and conference panel presentations) and is currently completing a book manuscript on Black Atlantic culture and politics in Rhode Island and Nova Scotia for The University of Pennsylvania Press.

Professor Rommel-Ruiz is also writing a book manuscript on Charleston, South Carolina, and the Atlantic world that will be published by The University of Georgia Press. Additionally, he has a book-length manuscript under review about American Film and History.

Activities & Interests

Professor Rommel-Ruiz enjoys camping and hiking with his wife and three children in the bucolic forests of Colorado. He is an avid football and baseball fan, and enjoys watching reruns of The X-Files and Hong Kong gangster movies, especially John Woo films. 

Regular Classes

HY 120 The American Past
HY 205 US History to 1860
HY 228 The American Colonies
HY 229 The American Revolution
HY 230 The Early Republic
HY 269 The Old South
HY 270 The New South
HY 315 Film and History


  • HY366 – The New Republic, 1789-1844


    • B.A., University of California, Berkeley 1992
    • M.A., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1995
    • PhD., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1999