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Doug Monroy

Professor Emeritus

Curriculum Vitae

Douglas Monroy has been at Colorado College since 1978, and is currently serving as department chair.  A native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Hollywood High School, he presently lives in Colorado Springs, though he still spends plenty of time in Southern California.  He has two grown children and a nine-year-old.  A mainstay of the faculty softball team for over three decades, he also plays golf and tennis. 

He is the author of Thrown among Strangers:  The Making of Mexican Culture in Frontier California, winner of the James Rawley Prize of the Organization of American Historians; Rebirth:  Mexican Los Angeles from the Great Migration to the Great Depression, both from the University of California Press; and, most recently, The Borders Within:  Encounters between Mexico and the US (University of Arizona Press).  Professor Monroy serves on the OAH Distinguished Speakers Series.  For the year 2004-05 he was the Ray Allen Billington Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Huntington Library and Occidental College.  At Colorado College he teaches courses on twentieth-century US history, the history of the Southwest and its arts and literature, and historiography.  He has led numerous workshops and seminars for K-12 teachers on a variety of issues related to his scholarly work.  He also serves on the Faculty Executive Committee. 

As a child he was mostly interested in sports; in college in the civil rights and anti-war movements and in the world of politics and ideas; and Doug Monroy’s values, beliefs, and activities have remained consistent with this earlier socialization.  Added to this mix has been a strong dose of neo-Freudian thinking and wrestling with the issue of how to mix pleasures with family, environmental, and social responsibility.

Regular Classes

Hy 241 The Emergence of Modern America, 1919-1942
Hy 233 Recent U.S. History, 1943-1973  
Hy 234 Contemporary U.S. History, 1973-2003
Hy 267 The Southwest under Spain and Mexico
Hy 268 The Southwest since the Mexican War


    • B.A., UCLA, 1971
    • M.A., UCLA, 1972
    • Ph.D., UCLA, 1978

Committees & Governance

Director of Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies, 1993-1999