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History as a discipline views the past from today’s vantage, asking how experience guides us.  The diverse material of history—documents, artifacts, natural contexts—calls for rigorous analysis expressed in cogent written and oral argument.  Its study prepares students for employment and further study in a wide variety of professions, among them law, business, government, non-profit management, library and museum leadership, and teaching.

Skills important for contemporary life are important products of the History major, but the curriculum of this department is more ambitious.  It grounds students’ lives as well as their careers.  Majors are educated to appreciate their own traditions and understand others.  Their attention to politics, ideologies, social structures and economic systems informs their public contributions and their private choices.  Just as we encourage Colorado College students to understand how their predecessors in this country and around the world invested their lives with meaning and beauty, we empower them to frame their own futures with flexible imaginations, forceful intellects, and a lively sense of the expanse of human possibility.

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About the Program:

Doug Monroy, Professor & Chair
Palmer  215E
(719) 389 - 6526

About the Department:

Joanna Popiel, Office Coordinator
Palmer 208C
Phone: (719) 389-6523
Fax: (719) 389-6524