Geology talks are given each year by various presenters. If you enter after the start of the talk, please try to enter as quietly as possible and avoid walking in front of the slide projector. The list of talks is preliminary and will be updated as additional talks are confirmed, so check back for updates.

If you have any questions regarding Geology talks, or if you have a suggestion for a possible speaker, contact Christine Siddoway.


Invited Talks for 2021-22 academic year:

Fall Semester Talks

Sept 30, noon, Professor Jurgen Scheiber, Indiana University Bloomington, title to be determined

Oct 28, noon, Dr. Danica Roth, Colorado School of Mines

Nov 12, noon, Phil Armstrong '07, North Star Renewables


Spring Semester Talks

Feb 2, noon, Dr. Evan J Ramos, postdoc, Rice University,

Mar 4, noon, Dr. Daniel Ibarra, Brown University, "The rise and fall of ancient lakes in western North America"

Apr 1, noon, Dr. Monique Holt, University of Illinois Chicago, "The intersection of science and diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion"

Apr 4, noon, Dr. Zhiyang Li, Visiting Prof Colorado College, "Late Cretaceous North American Cordilleran foreland basin: An exemplar of the combined influence of tectonics, sea level, and sediment supply through time”

Apr 28, noon, Gabriella Rossetto Harris '15, Ph.D. research Penn State University, "Final Gondwanan break-up, retroarc volcanism, and Eocene fossil rainforests in Patagonia: paleobotanic records of Southern Hemisphere biogeography and evolution"



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