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Henry Fricke

Professor, Director of the Environmental Studies Program

Fields: Stable isotope and low temperature biogeochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleobiology.

Palmer Hall #9B
(719) 389-6514

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Paul Myrow


Fields: Sedimentary structures; bedforms and stratification; sedimentation and biostratigraphy of Neoproterozoic and lower Phanerozoic deposits, Newfoundland, Colorado Rockies and Great Basin.

Palmer Hall #9E
(719) 389-6790

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Jeff Noblett

Professor, Chair of the Geology Department

Fields: Precambrian geology of central Colorado; petrogenesis of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Palmer #9F
(719) 389-6516

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Sarah Schanz

Assistant Professor

Fields: Bedrock river evolution, fluvial and tectonic geomorphology, impacts of tectonics, glaciation, humans, and vegetation on the erosional history of the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest, and Taiwan.

Palmer Hall, #9C
(719) 389-6513

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Christine Siddoway


Fields: Structural and metamorphic geology of Antarctica and the Colorado Front Range; Gondwana tectonics.

Palmer Hall #9E
(719) 389-6717

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Eric Leonard

Retired Professor

Fields: Glacial geology and paleoclimate in the Western Cordillera of the U.S. and Canada, periglacial geomorphology, late Tertiary and Quaternary tectonics of Colorado and Chile.

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Emily Pope

Visiting Assistant Professor

Fields: Early Earth evolution, origin of life, plate tectonics, hydrothermal systems, fluid-rock interactions and the role of fluids in metamorphic, magmatic and ore-forming processes, stable isotope geochemistry

Palmer Hall, #9G
(719) 389-6512

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Solomon Seyum

Riley Research and Teaching Fellow

Fields: structural geology; rock fracture mechanics

Palmer Hall, #10-B
(719) 389-6197

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