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Recommended Sequence of Courses

Recommended Sequence of Courses

  • First-Year: GY140 Physical Geology, one elective (esp. GY205 Historical), Chemistry 107, Calculus or Prob/Stats.
  • Sophomore year: Above plus GY211, 212 & PC141 or 241, and the second math. Preferably one or more of the required 300-level classes.
  • Junior year: 4-5 of the six required 300-level courses and any supporting science. If planned carefully this may allow for a semester abroad.
  • Senior year: The remaining required courses, Senior Capstone, research, and thesis blocks.

Important Dates for Geology Majors

  • Declare as soon as possible so you're on the geology listserve for announcements
  • Ask one of the geology professors to be your advisor before declaring.
  • Majors meeting in the fall and one in the spring
  • Geology Day is generally during 7th block; a day for majors who have completed research to present that research to their peers. Attendance is required for all majors.

Last updated: 12/17/2020