Off-Campus Credits and Study Abroad

In general, no more than two geology courses taken off-campus may substitute for classes taught at Colorado College and thus satisfy requirements of the geology major. In order for substitutions to take place, students must submit a written request to the chair of the department for consideration by the full department. Students may take the non-geology required courses off-campus (e.g. physics).

The department encourages majors to study abroad for a semester, especially in a place where they could learn the local geology. Currently, one of the best programs for this is the New Zealand Frontiers Abroad five-week field course, combined with a semester at the University of Canterbury with one or two geology classes included in your schedule. The ACM spring semester in Costa Rica is focused on independent research and a few geology students have done well there (Spanish required). Upper-level geology courses are taught in English in programs including those at Edinburgh, DIS Denmark, and in Australia; advanced Spanish speakers will find some opportunities to take upper-level geology classes in Latin America or Spain. Generally the department will accept one class as a substitute for one of the required six 300-level courses, if its syllabus is equivalent to what we teach, and will also accept one elective. These decisions must be approved before you go and will be based on items such as a syllabus for the course that you can provide to the department.

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