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Marina Pizzo

Marina Pizzo holds an MA in Comparative Language and Literature from Università degli Studi di
Napoli l'Orientale, Italy, where she focused on German, Arabic and Modern Greek. In Berlin since
2009, she has completed a second degree in English and Italian Literature, and Language Pedagogy.
She has also been working as a language teacher in German schools.

In addition to foreign languages, her main field of interest is modern poetry. As a place where
language draws attention to itself, where phonetic dimension is emphasized and meanings
thickened, poetry becomes a precious means to explore a new language. Marina uses poetry to
engage students in a playful dimension in which mistakes can be perceived as a source of
knowledge, where words strive to become instruments of thought and feeling.
Marina is also an active singer and songwriter: creative activity is at the core of the concept of
poetry itself (poetry comes from the Greek verb ποιειν, which means “to make”). In her seminars
Marina aims at showing her students how to be curious and creative learners – how to be good