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The Major: (revised September 2014) 

Associate Professors: A. TALLENT (Chair), I. WADE, M. O'RILEY; Visiting Professor: N. DIOP

Students who have taken French, Italian, or Spanish in high school must take a computerized placement test before enrolling in a language or literature course in the Department of French, Italian and Arabic. We strongly recommend that they take the 20-minute test at the Keck Humanities Laboratory upon their arrival at the college. 

A student majoring in French has two French major options:

French and Francophone Studies

1. All required courses: 305, 306, 431 and 432;

2. Six literature or culture courses at the 300-level.

TOTAL: 10 units

Romance Languages (French Major; Second language focus in Spanish or Italian)

1. All required courses: 305, 306, 431 and 432;

2. Three literature or culture courses at the 300-level;

Courses for second language focus in SPANISH:

1. 305 and two Spanish culture or literature courses;

2. Elementary or more advanced Italian, Portuguese or Latin.

Courses for second language focus in ITALIAN:

1. 305 and two additional Italian courses from 304, 306, 309, 315, 316, 320, 321;

2. Elementary or more advanced Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin.

TOTAL: 11–12 units.

 The department confers distinction based on senior thesis (432) and department work.

Students who study abroad on programs other than Colorado College’s must take at least two courses beyond 306, in addition to 431 and 432 at Colorado College, as well as completing the detailed major requirements described above, to receive a French degree from the college. Only two credits from any unaffiliated program abroad will be accepted into the major.

Transferring students should contact the department before taking any language or literature course to determine if any transfer credit fulfills major requirements.

The Minor: (revised September 2014)

(6 Units beyond FR 102). The prerequisite for admission to the minor is 101 and 102 (2 units) or equivalent. Students must complete a minimum of six units, including the following: 201, 202, 305, 306 and two courses at the 300 level. Students, who initially place at the 300 level as a result of previous French, must complete four CC French courses at the 300 level. College transfer credit will be accepted, but at least three 300-level French courses must be completed at Colorado College. Only one credit from an unaffiliated program will be accepted into the minor.

Program Abroad

In addition to the courses taught on the Colorado College campus, the Department of French and Italian sponsors a semester program in France during Blocks 5 –8 with a ten-day orientation in Paris during half-block. The program is open to all students who have completed French 102 or the equivalent, or have the consent of the program director. See the department for full descriptions of the program.

African Studies Thematic Minor:

Professors Wade

The African Studies minor is a five-unit, interdisciplinary approach to the study of Africa that must include at least one unit in Africa and a designated Integrative Experience Project.

Students must take at least one, but may earn no more than four, units in a study abroad program such as the ACM Botswana or Tanzania programs, in CC summer courses in Senegal or other African countries, or in any other approved study abroad program in Africa (see the International Program's website for a list of approved programs).

The remaining units are to be completed by taking on-campus Africa related courses; therefore, at least one unit in the minor must be taken on-campus. Since the availability of these courses varies from year to year, students should consult with the African Studies advisor about which courses can be applied to the minor.

The Integrative Experience:

The integrative experience project may be completed in several ways, but in all cases in consultation with and by approval of the African Studies advisor. This project may be done as a final project during a four-unit study abroad program; this project may be a final paper submitted for an on-campus fifth unit Africa related course; other options are possible, but only with the approval of the African Studies advisor.