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Language Houses

Haskell House and Elbert House

Haskell House (French)Elbert House (Italian & Arabic)Haskell House is the French Language immersion house, and Elbert House is the Italian and Arabic Languages immersion house. Each serves as a residence for 13 - 20 students interested in improving their understanding of both language and culture. The houses have a full kitchen and living room; in addition, Haskell House has a piano and fireplace. Events are organized by the Cultural Program Coordinators in liaison with the French, Italian & Arabic Department.

CPCs at GOGLanguage House Cultural Program Coordinators (CPCs) are staff members who live in a language house with 12-25 students. In addition to teaching adjunct language courses, CPCs strive to create a sense of community within their houses and provide an opportunity for the students living in the houses to be immersed in the language and culture. The CPCs plan cultural as well as community-building programs.

For more information in International programming, see the Colorado College International Education page.

Cultural Program Coordinators

Sara Venturelli

Cultural Program Coordinator of the Italian Language House

Country of Origin: Italy

2015-2016 academic year


Contact Sara:
Office:  Armstrong Hall Room 323, x6924 
Office Hours:  


Camille Cottereau

Cultural Program Coordinator of the French Language House

Country of Origin: FranceDiara

2014-2016 academic year

My name is Camille and I am 23. I was born in Tours, France, which is a small city not far away from Paris. I am interested in a lot of different things, such as sports, music, history... But above all, I love sharing with others. I am always eager to meet new people and learn about cultures that are different from mine. By being Cultural Program Coordinator here at Colorado College, I hope that I will be able to give people as much as they give me, and I look forward to helping you knowing more about the French culture and language. I am convinced that this year together is going to be very enriching!

Contact Camille: 
Office:  Armstrong Hall Room 323, x 6924
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 2:00 - 3:00