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The Colorado Documentary Project

The Colorado Documentary Project provides students with a rigorous and creative filmmaking education bridged by a real-world professional experience.


Assistant Professor Clay Haskell email
Assistant Professor Dylan Nelson email

Students will make their own films while examining the history, codes, and conventions of the documentary form. Students will also participate in an externship at a relevant Front Range organization. These externships will inspire their final projects: short films about Colorado society, history, or culture. The student films will be made with in-progress feedback from Rocky Mountain PBS. The completed films will be considered for public television broadcast.

The Colorado Documentary Project is dedicated to gripping storytelling, original research, and community-building through the production and distribution of documentary films about our region. Students will engage in deep academic study while gaining understanding of professionalism in the world beyond the college.

Student Films from the Colorado Documentary Project:

Zach Zuckerman '18 practices filmmaking on a class retreat at CC's Baca Campus.

From left: Francesca Mastrianni '18, Jillian Banner '17 (Carleton College), and (partially hidden) Mitra Ghaffari '16, practice filmmaking techniques at CC's Baca Campus.

Charley Bayley '15 films a documentary at the Pikes Peak Or Bust Rodeo.