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Download 2017-2018 schedule here.
Download 2016-17 schedule here.

Film and Media Studies 2017-2018 Course Schedule

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Half Block
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8


FM310/FS318 Advanced Topics in Filmmaking: The Visual Story

FM302/FS312 Advanced Filmmaking

FM402 Senior Project Independent Thesis (Film)

FM330/FS330 On Locations: Hollywood (taught in Los Angeles)


FM101/FS215 Introduction to Film Studies (FYE)

FM301 Advanced Theory and Research Methods

Non-Teaching Block

Non-Teaching Block






FM102 Basic Filmmaking (FYE)

FM202/FS284  Screenwriting

FM400 Independent Film, Filmmaking, and the Sundance Film Festival

FM402 Senior Project Independent Thesis (Film)


FM205/EN286 Topics in Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction 

FM205/EN286 Topics in Creative Writing: The Inspiration Lab

FM225/EN286  Topics in Media Practice: The Podcast

Visiting FM

FM200  Topics in Film Genre and History: Global Art Cinema (Cottrel)

FM201 Media Theory and Cultural Studies (Cottrel)

FM205 Topics in Film and Media Studies: Cinematic Bodies (Cottrel)

Visiting FM: Filmmaking and Journalism

FM102/FS212 Basic Filmmaking (Dan Sturman)

FM310/FS318 Advanced Topics in Filmmaking: Documentary Narrative (Doug Pray)

FM205 Topics in Film and Media Studies: Radio Journalism (Peter Breslow)

GS233 Topics in Journalism: History and Theory of Humor (Bob Mankoff)

FM102/FS212 Basic Filmmaking (Cynthia Lowen)

English/Film Studies

FS232/FM200 The Films of Alfred Hitchcock (Butte) FS205/CO200/FM205 Topics in Cinema: Movies. Monuments, and Mythmaking - Taught in Greece (Hughes/Sarchett) FS205 Topics in Cinema: The Visionary Films of Terrence Malick (Simons)

FM101/FS215 Introduction to Film Studies (George Butte)

FS315/FM300 Film History and Theory (Simons) 

FS205/IT320/CO200 Topics in Cinema: Mafia Movies - taught in Italian in Italy (O'Riley)

Anthropology; Feminist, and Gender Studies, Music

MU301 Music Composition (Ben Amots)

FM205/FG212/ES200 Topics in Film and Media Studies: Critical Media Studies (Heidi Lewis)

FM205/AN308 Topics in Film and Media Studies: Representation of Gender Sexuality in Popular Culture (Linfoot)

Art History; Art Studio

AS317 Advanced Photography (Powell)

       AS102 Art Studio Foundations: 2D Design (Powell)

AS102 Art Studio Foundations: 2D Design (Powell)     

AS226 Book & Book Structure (O'Connell)  

AS317 Advanced Photography (Powell)

Comparative Literature; Sociology

FM205/CO200 Topics in Film and Media Studies: Contextualizing Christmas: Comedy, Pastoral, Film and Television (Hughes)

FM205/CI200/GR220 Topics in Film and Media Studies: Long Story Short: The Brevity - Saying More with Less From Aphorism to Social Media (Eric Jarosinski)

FM103/SO105 Art and Society (Guiffre)

CO210/EN250 Introduction to Literary Theory (Davis)


EN283 Beginning Fiction Writing - Part 1 of 2 (Hayward/Pulley)

EN283 Beginning Fiction Writing - Part 2 of 2 (Hayward/Pulley)

EN225 Introduction to Shakespeare (Stefanek)

EN250 Introduction to Literary Theory (Sarchett)

EN225 Introduction to Shakespeare (Love)

EN275/FM205 Comic and Graphic Narrative (Richman) 

EN286 Topics in Creative Writing: Songwriting (Department)  EN250 Introduction to Literary Theory (Butte)

EN250/CO210 Introduction to Literary Theory (Scheiner)

EN286 Topics in Creative Writing: The Moving Line (Hillberry)

EN286/RM200 Topics in Creative Writing: Stories of Sport (Sawyer/Hayward)

Language Programs

FM205/RS200 Topics in Film and Media Studies: Russian Woman: The Search for Identity in Russian Film (Nikolskaya)

FM205/IT320 Topics in Film and Media Studies: Italian Culture through Film - taught in Italy (O'Riley)

Theater and Dance

TH105 Acting 1: Introduction (Frugia)

TH105 Acting I: Intoduction TH228/FM200/DA228 Experimental and Expanded Cinema (Platt)

TH206 Directing (Manley)

FM200/DA200/PA250/FG206 Topics in Film Genre and History: Bollywood (Kedhar)

TH105 Acting 1: Introduction (Lindblade)

Last Updated: 4/24/2017