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Film and New Media 2014-15 Course Grid


Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Half Block

Block 5

Block 6

Block 7

Block 8




FM102/FS212: Basic Filmmaking

FM314/FS312:Advanced Filmmaking 





FM330/FS330  On Location: Hollywood (Advanced Topics in Filmmaking)  



FS215: FYE: Intro to Film Studies 

M202/PH203/EN280/CO200: Media and Psychoanalysis








 FM210/FS260/SO190: Documentary Form and Filmmaking


FM400:Independent Film, Filmmaking, and the Sundance Film Festival

FM401Senior Thesis



FS 318: Advanced Topics in Filmmaking: Directing   (Bob Byington) 



 FM211/FS284: Screenwriting  (Cynthia Lowen) 


FM 305: The Body and Bare Life in Art Cinema(Cottrel)

FM200:Topics in Film and New Media Studies: intro to TV and New Media Studies (Cottrel) 

FM102/FS212: Basic Filmmaking (Sturman) 

FM 305: Advanced Topics in Film and New Media Studies: Olivier Assayas and Global Film Culture (Price) 

Film Studies

FS205: Hollywood’s Golden Age (Sarchett)


FS205: Politics and Film  (Simons and Fuller)

FS205: Topics in Cinema: Thrillers  (Butte)

FS215: Introduction to Film Studies (Sarchett)

FS318: Advanced Topics in Filmmaking: Making Films With Films (Sanny)

FS315: Film History and Theory (Simons)

Film Studies

FS205/EN380: The Great American Hero? Critical Perspectives on US Literature and Film in the 20th and 21st Centuries (Cucher)

CO 220/FS 205: African Cinema  (Michelle Becker)




 FM 200: Radio Journalism (Breslow)




AS115: Basic Graphics (Leonard/Powell) 

FM112/AS103: Introduction to Drawing (Grumper)

FM112/AS103: Introduction to Drawing (Swider)

FM112/AS103: Introduction to Drawing (Leonard)

FM112/AS103: Introduction to Drawing (Gumper)

FM112/AS103: Introduction to Drawing (Gumber)


AS 317: Advanced Photography (Powell)




FM104/AN105: Language and Culture (Leza)

FM 200/AN 208: Indigenous Film (Rubin)



FM104/AN105: Language and Culture





Computer Science


FM116/CP122: Computer Science I  


FM116/CP122: Computer Science I  

FM219/CP222: Computer Science II




FM116/CP122: Computer Science I





FM114/MU199: Pre-Theory (Brink)




FM200/MU228: Topics in Film and New Media Studies; From Stage to Screen: A Musical Transformation (Jirasek) 

FM114/MU199: Pre-Theory (Brink)











FM215/MU200: Music at the Computer (Ben-Amots)


FM200/MU235: Stage to Screen (Banagale)







FM208/PH247: Aesthetics (Hernandez) 









FM103/SP105: Art and Society (Giuffre) 

FM103/SP105: Art and Society (Giuffre) 



Theater and Dance




FM210/TH240 Thinking with your Ears: Sound Design (Bruce Odland)



FM 214/TH 210: Intermediate Performance (Davis-Green)

FM 214/TH 210: Intermediate Performance (Davis-Green)

German, Russian, and East Asia Languages

FS205/RS200: Russian and Eurasian Studies Topics:Russian Woman: The Search for Identity in Russian film, 1930s to present (Nikolskaya)

Spanish and French

FS205: Transnational Cinema (Marinescu and O'Riley)

French, Italian, and Arabic

FS205/IT320 Neorealist Cinema: its Origins, Theory and Development and the Italian Context (Righi)

French, Italian, and Arabic

FS205: Topics in Cinema: Italian Film From Neorealism to Modern Times (Bizzarro)

Environmental Program

FM 210/FS218/EV261: Environmental Filmmaking (Doug Hawes-Daviis)

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