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    Major Requirements

    Applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year.


    Film and Media Studies (14 Units)

    Core Courses (3 units)

    FM101 Introduction to Film Studies

    FM102 Basic Filmmaking

    FM201 Media Theory and Cultural Studies


    Genre and History (2 units)

    FM300 Film History and Theory

    And one of the following:

    FM200 Topics in Film Genre and History

    TH/DA228 Experimental and Expanded Cinema

    FS232 The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

    FS244 American Film Comedy

    FM330 On Location: Hollywood


    Interdisciplinary Arts (1 unit)

    AS220 Photography

    EN225 Introduction to Shakespeare

    EN250 Introduction to Literary Theory

    EN283 Beginning Fiction Writing

    EN285 Beginning Creative Nonfiction Writing

    FM212 Writing for Performance

    FM115 Fundamentals of Theatrical Design (also TH110 Fundamentals of Performance Design)

    FM216 Video Dance

    FM304 Shakespeare’s Tragedies on Film

    MU235 Stage to Screen

    MU301 Music Composition

    TH101 Acting I: Introduction

    TH206 Directing


    Form and Filmmaking (2 units)

    FM202 Screenwriting

    FM210 Topics in Filmmaking

    FM302 Advanced Filmmaking

    FM240 Directing the Fiction Film

    FM260/360 The CC Film Institute (1 unit of Form & Filmmaking credit + 1 unit of Elective credit)

    FM310 Advanced Topics in Filmmaking 

    FM312 Documentary Form and Filmmaking


    Advanced Media Theory (1 unit)

    FM301 Advanced Theory and Research Methods


    Electives (3 units, no more than two of which may be at the 100 level)

    AH112 Introduction to Art History (1 unit of FM credit only)

    AS102 Introduction to Two-Dimensional Arts

    AS115 Basic Graphics

    AS116 Introduction to Digital Practices

    AS226 Book and Book Structure

    AS317 Advanced Photography

    EN275 The Graphic Novel

    EN286 Topics in Creative Writing

    FM103 Art and Society

    FM105 Creativity: Theory and Practice

    FM203 Media and Psychoanalysis

    FM206 Topics in Film and Media Studies

    FM208 Aesthetics

    FM214 Intermediate Performance Design

    FM215 Independent Work in Film and Media Studies

    FM217 Introduction to Journalism

    FM218 New Media, Ethics, and Journalism

    FM225 Topics in Media Practice

    FM250 Videogames, Aesthetics, Culture

    FM303 Philosophy of Technology

    FM305 Advanced Topics in Film and Media Studies

    FM307 Queer Performance and Body Politics

    FM315 Advanced Independent Work in Film and Media Studies

    TH/DA218 Costume Design

    TH/DA326 Performance Studies


    Any courses from the film and media studies major categories (Genre and History, Interdisciplinary Arts, Form and Filmmaking) and any FM-numbered or cross-listed courses may be taken for elective credit. No more than two independent study courses may be counted toward the major.


    Thesis (2 units)

    FM400 Independent Film, Filmmaking, and the Sundance Film Festival or FM405 Senior Seminar

    FM401 Senior Project: Independent Thesis (Essay) or FM402 Senior Project: Independent Thesis (Film)

    Senior thesis projects must be proposed in writing during the spring of the junior year. To make a fiction film for the thesis, an approved FM course in writing for the screen or FM 202 (Screenwriting) and FM 302 (Advanced Filmmaking) are required and must be completed before the senior year. To make a documentary film for the thesis, an approved course in documentary filmmaking or FM 312 (Documentary Form and Filmmaking) and FM 302 (Advanced Filmmaking) are required and must be completed before the senior year. To write a screenplay for the senior thesis, FM 202 (Screenwriting) and another approved course in creative prose writing are required and must be completed before the senior year.