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Our understanding of the world-what it has been, what it is, what it might be-has become increasingly enmeshed with media technologies. Film introduces us to other worlds, both real and imagined; television provides us with instant access to news, events and entertainment; the internet serves as a vast archive of information and provides real-time modes of global communication.

Film and Media Studies is increasingly essential to a rigorous liberal arts education. Our program integrates critical studies with creative practice, preparing students to understand moving images, harness media technology, and participate actively in a swiftly changing media landscape. Students study cinema and media history and theory, while pursuing creative work in a variety of forms, including fiction and documentary film, screenwriting, radio, television, video games and other digital technology. This cross-disciplinary major incorporates courses in art, literature, sociology, philosophy, music, theater, dance, and global cinema. Building on Colorado College's history of innovation in liberal arts education, the Film and Media Studies Program produces students who are engaged thinkers, thoughtful and collaborative practitioners, and who have achieved success in film and media industries as well as many other fields.

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